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Blue House Okinawa
Japanese Language Exchange Club

Teach Each Other

We're a learning community of Japanese and English language exchange for Japanese people who's learning English and English speakers who's learning Japanese.

We teach each other and work together.

More than a language learning community, we're a growing community that we support each other.

Learning Japanese is fun!

Your new Japanese friends awaits

How It Works



Free Japanese Study Materials

Prefer an in-person lesson?

If you feel like:

*Why can't I speak Japanese yet?

*I feel nervous when I speak in Japanese.

*I already know basic Japanese but I need to practice speaking Japanese more.

*I need Japanese friends to practice my speaking with.

*I want to learn practical Japanese!

Then join our Japanese Language Exchange Club! Online!

Japanese Language Exchange Club Online!

For Japanese people who's learning English and
English speakers who's learning Japanese.

Speaking Practice

Get off the textbook and start using it! That's the best way to learning any new languages!

Practical Japanese

Learn practical Japanese from native Japanese speakers. 

Make Friends

Our club with paid membership attracts serious people about learning. You can find your study buddy easily!

Good Habit

Make a habit to use Japanese everyday with Japanese people.

How It Works?

1. Everyday

Use Japanese and communicate with native Japanese speakers everyday. Our app makes it easy on the go.

2. Group Session

Join weekly instructor led Zoom group session and learn how to do the exchange and how to communicate with Japanese people.

3. Friends

Keep communicating and helping Japanese people learning English and eventually you'll become friends with them 🙂

4. Language Exchange

Run your own Zoom language exchange with your Japanese friends! This is the best and most fun part of our club!

5. Test Prep

Are you taking JLPT? Ask your Japanese friends to help you prepare for the test! Practice with native Japanese speakers will give you a big advantage.

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Who We Are

We're are a language learning community
for Japanese people who's learning English and
English speakers who's learning Japanese.

Blue House Okinawa Japanese /English Language School

What Students Say

From our students learning Japanese at our school.

Ms. Sara Wray

I remember my first class at Blue House! I was brand new to Okinawa and the Japanese language. I was able to have basic exchanges, and it made me so happy to practice with native speakers and have such a fun community to learn in. I’m two years into studying now and am so glad I found Blue House from the beginning — it introduced me to some of my favorite people in Okinawa and is such a special place ❤️

Mr. Tom Nelson

I had spent about 8 months using online based methods to learn Japanese. Blue House gave me the opportunity to learn Japanese face-to-face with native Japanese speakers. The language exchanges forced me to step outside of my shell and speak among our Japanese peers, which was exactly what I needed to do to gain confidence to apply my classroom learning to the real world. Most importantly, it has been an incredibly fun experience to learn Japanese while helping others to learn English!

Mr. Garion Hallmon

I recommend Blue House to anybody that wishes to learn Japanese. I learned that Japanese is difficult at Blue House. But students at Blue House are motivated to learn, Japanese people are kind and helpful.
Blue House is like a family where everyone is welcomed. I recommend Blue House to anybody that wishes to learn Japanese.

Ms. Janice Blanchard

"Blue House is my family"
I like Blue House a lot. It is very interesting and fun. I have made friends here. Monica sensei is kind and patient. My classmates are also kind.
Japanese is hard and I get shy when I talk in Japanese. But Blue House helps me learning.


Club Membership

9,800 Yen/Month

App-Only Membership

6,800 Yen/Month


Monthly membership subscription is 9,800 yen.

Just want to enjoy our app/community without weekly instructor-led group sessions?

You can sign up for an app-only monthly membership  subscription for 6,800 yen.

Sign up our app-only monthly membership  subscription for 6,800 yen. 

You can enjoy our community without the group sessions too!

For now, our community is for English learners and Japanese learners. 

We might add more languages to exchange practice in the future as our membership grows.

No worries.

You can study Japanese with our free Japanese study materials and practice what you've learned with native Japanese speakers in Blue House Okinawa Club.

We need an agreement signed off by a parent or guardian for a member of 19 years old and under.

Please let us know if the name on the credit card or PayPal that you make the payment with and your account name will be different.

The group session is a weekly, instructor-led group session over Zoom. 

Come and join to make a habit to use your Japanese at least once a week!

Right now, we're planning to have it Tuesday afternoon(JST) and Thursday night(JST).

We'll schedule more sessions as we get more members.

Please send us message in our community.

We recommend joining our weekly group sessions to make a habit of using your Japanese at least once a week.

Can't make it every week? 

That's ok! You can still participate sessions four times in the month.

We accept credit cards, Stripe and PayPal.

You can simply cancel the membership subscription at any time on your account page.

How to Start

The club membership is a 9,800 yen monthly subscription.

You don't need to participate in weekly group sessions? Then just join our app-only membership for a 6,800 yen monthly subscription.

1. Registration

You can pay with your credit card, Stripe or PayPal.

You'll be automatically charged the monthly subscription fee unless you cancel your membership.

2. Payment

Within 24 hours after payment, you'll receive an email from us.

You can access our community and set up your account following the instructions.

3. account

Now you're in! Go ahead and introduce yourself in both English and Japanese.

Remember to offer help first, before you ask for help. Practice Japanese "give-first" culture 😉

4. Welcome!
Don't know where to start?
Take an advantage of our free Japanese study materials!

Free Japanese Study Materials

Beginners Japanese 1 Course

To start, you will learn pronunciation, counting, and lots of useful phrases and greetings.

Next, we move on to sentence structure while creating basic sentences using colors, adjectives, question words, and talking about what you like/dislike.

You’ll learn a lot of vocabulary and will be able to write the first half of the Japanese Hiragana alphabat.

Beginners Japanese 2 Course

You will learn how to talk about what you want/don’t want, locations, dates (days, months, years), and time.

In addition, we’ll practice asking for things, counting objects (a big topic in Japanese!), and using verbs as we learn about conjugation and the past tense.

Of course, you will learn a bunch of vocabulary and will be able to write the entire Japanese language in Hiragana by the end of the course.

Beginners Japanese 3 Course

Learn how to use two very important verbs (ある, いる), talk about specific objects and their locations, count living things, and gain confidence with particles and other useful grammar.

You’ll master the first half of the Katakana alphabet and learn new vocabulary in the process.

Beginners Japanese 4 Course

Learn about the Japanese family structure, adjectives, informal verb forms/conjugations, connecting sentences, and more key grammar concepts.

Of note, you’ll learn the very important verb する and how to use it with your growing vocabulary to form a ton of new verbs.

After you complete the course, you will be able to write the entire Katakana alphabet and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve learned!

Have you felt like...

Why Can't I Speak Japanese Yet?

One of the most common challenges reported to us is how much difficulty Japanese learners have in interacting in their target language.

For example, despite perhaps years of dedicated study in Japanese, many learners feel paralyzed and defeated in interactions with native Japanese speakers.

This challenge is largely due to the fact that language-learning is multifaceted.

Proficiency requires separate yet overlapping skills, such as reading, listening, writing, cultural awareness, speaking, pronunciation, etc.

Schools often emphasize grammar, reading and writing over other aspects.

Thus, learners become discouraged and feel as if they don’t know anything after years of study, when in fact they just haven’t had sufficient practice in a particular skill to make them a balanced learner.

At Blue House Okinawa, club members are given the opportunity to develop all areas of language to build towards proficiency.

We provide practical listening and speaking practice with both peer learners and native speakers.

Our goal is to build club members’ confidence and put their learning to use quickly and often.
Or do you feel like...

I'm nervous about speaking in Japanese....

We’ve seen learners struggling in Japanese conversation, as sometimes they’re unsure of how to say specific words or phrases.

This is a regular concern that is easy to overcome once you become a Club member of Blue House Okinawa.

You can prepare for conversational success by communicating in Japanese with native speakers in our club.

These tools are most valuable because you learn

1. It is ok to make mistakes and

2. How to correct those mistakes.

You will soon find you know more than you think you do!

The more you try and do, the better you will become.

Remember that for Japanese people, English is just as hard for them, as Japanese is for you.

They appreciate your attempts to converse in their language and will try to find a way to communicate with you.

Just keep trying and you’ll do great!
Those are the reason why we offer

More Speaking Practice

As we also have Japanese club members who learn English, we’re so fortunate to have this wonderful program, Zoom Language Exchange as a part of our curriculum.

In the Zoom Language Exchange, you can practice Japanese speaking with native Japanese speakers, the real Japanese people.

Here’s where the give-and-take of learning happens!

It’s student-driven and set up as a mutually-beneficial learning program.

In the Zoom Language Exchange, don’t wait for perfection to speak Japanese — start with what you can, even if it turns into charades, and let your native speaking peers guide you to accuracy!

Ask questions, share cultural insights, and provide feedback to each other while building your Japanese speaking confidence.

This Language Exchange program will let you be able to learn Japanese in a practical way and practice what you have learned right away.

You will meet some of our Japanese club members and make real connections with them to learn the Japanese culture and deepen your intercultural understanding.

It’s a fantastic way to bridge the gap between textbook learning and communicating in the real world!

Beyond Language-Learning

We pride ourselves in our focus on building the ability to learn and succeed beyond learning language. 

We seek to nurture independent, lifelong learning. 

Our goal is to get comfortable operating in Japanese in everyday, practical interactions.

Much of successful language learning is going beyond your comfort zone and just going for it!

As many native English speakers are coming from cultures that greatly contrast that of Japan’s, Blue House Okinawa Club provides ample opportunity to learn about the values, history, and influences in Japanese society.

Practice Japanese
with Japanese Friends

Blue House Okinawa
Japanese Language Exchange Club

Teach Each Other

We're a learning community of Japanese and English language exchange for Japanese people who's learning English and English speakers who's learning Japanese.

We teach each other and work together.

More than a language learning community, we're a growing community that we support each other.

A new adventuer awaits.

Your new Japanese friends awaits

Prefer an in-person lesson?