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Japanese Learning Tips

Who We Are

Beyond Language Learning

A Close-Knit Multilingual Community
Join us and become part of a vibrant community where Japanese and English learners teach and learn from each other.

Authentic and Immersive Practice
Experience genuine language practice with native Japanese speakers in our Japanese class providing endless opportunities for real-world application.

Supportive and Community-Centered
Embrace a relaxed, community-oriented approach to learning. Together, we support, grow, and share joyful moments, making every step of the journey enjoyable.

Our Curriculum

At Blue House Okinawa, we provide two tailored payment options to suit various needs and learning styles across different class settings. Whether you prefer an intensive learning environment or require flexibility to accommodate a busy schedule, we have the ideal class for you. Below, we outline the key differences between our Regular Class and Flexible Schedule Class.

Have Structure in Japanese Learning

Having a structured approach to Japanese language learning offers numerous benefits that significantly enhance your progress and confidence. Firstly, structure provides clear goals and milestones, allowing you to track your progress and stay motivated. You’ll know exactly what to study each day, which eliminates the guesswork and ensures you’re covering all necessary aspects of the language.

Additionally, a structured plan helps you build a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. It ensures that you learn and practice language skills in a logical order, preventing gaps in your knowledge. This systematic approach makes it easier to grasp complex concepts and apply them in real-life situations.

Moreover, structure aids in developing good study habits. When you follow a consistent routine, studying becomes a part of your daily life, making it easier to maintain long-term commitment. Ultimately, having a structured learning plan leads to more efficient and effective language acquisition, helping you achieve fluency faster and with greater confidence.

Online Program 3- Blue House Okinawa Japanese School

Meet Local Japanese

Experience Authentic Japanese Culture Firsthand!


Learn Japanese and Make Friends with Locals

At Blue House Okinawa, our interactive classes offer you more than just language lessons. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in the vibrant Japanese culture by practicing your Japanese with local friends who are equally eager to learn English. This unique exchange enriches your language skills and helps you forge lasting, meaningful friendships.


Join a Truly Collaborative Learning Environment

We are incredibly fortunate to host local Japanese students who are passionate about learning English. This sets the perfect stage for our Language Exchange program, an integral part of our offerings.


Dive into Our Language Exchange Program

Language learning comes to life in our program, where you’ll engage in lively conversations with native Japanese speakers. This two-way exchange not only boosts your speaking confidence but also deepens your understanding of Japanese culture. And the best part? This enriching experience is available both in-class and online.


In-Class and Online with Living Room

Not only do you get to practice and learn during our in-class sessions, but you can also continue your Language Exchange anytime, anywhere with our school’s social media app, Living Room. This app brings our community together, allowing you to interact with fellow learners and native speakers even outside the classroom.


Why Wait to Perfect Your Japanese?

Jump right in—whether you’re stringing together your first sentences or communicating through friendly gestures. Your native-speaking peers are here to help fine-tune your skills, making every interaction a step toward fluency.


Connect, Share, and Grow Together

Ask questions, exchange cultural tidbits, and offer mutual feedback. Our program is more than just learning; it’s about connecting, sharing, and growing together. By participating, you’ll transform textbook knowledge into real-world proficiency, making genuine connections that extend beyond the classroom.


The Perfect Blend of Practical Learning and Cultural Immersion

At Blue House Okinawa, you’ll not only learn Japanese but live it. Join us and turn your language learning journey into an unforgettable adventure, both in-class and through our innovative Living Room app. Embrace the full experience and make every moment count!

Discover the Best Way to Learn Japanese

Unlock Your Potential with Blue House Okinawa Japanese School!

Have you tried different ways to study Japanese but found it hard to stick with any of them? Or maybe you felt lost with all the options and didn’t know which one to choose?

There are countless methods out there, each promising quick and easy fluency. But here are two key points to keep in mind for learning Japanese effectively:


Discover What Works for You

Finding the right approach can sometimes be more challenging than the studying itself. That’s why at Blue House Okinawa Japanese School, we’re here to help you explore and find the method that best suits your learning style. With our guidance, you’ll unlock the most effective way to master Japanese.


Build a Consistent Study Routine

Mastering Japanese takes time—about 3,000 hours. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. Instead of waiting for motivation to strike, create a habit that helps you study consistently. At Blue House Okinawa Japanese School, we’ll help you establish a study routine that fits seamlessly into your daily life.


Join Our Supportive Community

Imagine going to work or school no matter how you feel because it’s part of your routine. Make studying Japanese the same. Join our weekly study groups or set aside 30 minutes before bed to write in Japanese. These small steps will turn into powerful habits.


Embrace Mistakes and Challenges

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or facing challenges. Remember, you’re not alone. Our supportive teachers and fellow students are here to help you every step of the way. In our encouraging community, mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth.


Transform Your Life with Japanese

Even when you make mistakes or feel unsure, you have the strength to keep moving forward. At Blue House Okinawa Japanese School, we believe that every challenge helps you grow as a person. Embrace the journey, and watch your skills soar.

You’ve got this! Make Japanese a part of your everyday life and see your language abilities flourish.

Blue House Okinawa Japanese /English School Language Exchange 2

Study Japanese Your Way

Hybrid Learning: Online Program and In-Class Practice

The hybrid learning approach at Blue House Okinawa Japanese School combines the best aspects of online and in-class learning. You get the flexibility to study at your own pace with our online program while benefiting from the interactive and supportive environment of our in-class sessions. This comprehensive method ensures you develop all aspects of your Japanese language skills, from reading and writing to listening and speaking.


Online Program:


Study Anytime, Anywhere

With our online program, you can learn Japanese at your own pace and on your own schedule. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you can fit your studies into your daily routine.


Wide Range of Resources

Access a variety of learning materials, including video lessons and interactive quizzes, designed to reinforce your understanding of vocabulary, grammar, and concepts.


Self-Paced Learning

Progress through the lessons at your own speed. If you need more time on a particular topic, you can review it as much as needed without feeling rushed.



Study from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access. This flexibility makes it easier to balance your studies with work, family, or other commitments.


In-Class Practice:


Pronunciation Practice

In-class sessions provide the opportunity to work on your pronunciation with native speakers. This direct feedback helps you improve your accent and speak more naturally.


Listening Exercises

Practice listening to spoken Japanese in various contexts, including different accents and speeds. This helps you understand real-life conversations better.


Speaking Practice

Engage in interactive speaking exercises that encourage you to use new vocabulary and grammar structures. This practice helps you become more fluent and confident in your conversations.


Immediate Feedback

Get instant corrections and advice from experienced instructors during in-class sessions. This helps you identify and fix mistakes quickly, accelerating your learning process.


Interactive Learning

Participate in dynamic classroom activities that make learning enjoyable and effective. These sessions are designed to reinforce what you’ve learned online and apply it in real-world scenarios.


Cultural Immersion

Learn about Japanese culture and etiquette through in-person interactions. This exposure helps you understand the social norms and customs, making your language use more authentic and respectful.

Blue House Okinawa Japanese /English School Language Exchange 6

Learn Japanese Vocabulary

Building a strong vocabulary is fundamental to mastering Japanese and is essential for reading, writing, listening, and speaking. At Blue House Okinawa, we emphasize the importance of learning Japanese vocabulary to enhance your communication skills.

A robust vocabulary allows you to express yourself clearly, understand others more effectively, and engage in complex conversations. With regular practice, you’ll build a rich vocabulary that enhances everyday interactions and deepens your appreciation of Japanese culture. Our comprehensive lessons help you learn new words in context, making them easier to remember and use.

Online Program 2- Blue House Okinawa Japanese School

Learn Japanese Grammar

Mastering Japanese grammar is key to effective communication and truly understanding the language. A solid grasp of grammar allows you to form coherent sentences, express your thoughts clearly, and understand others accurately, avoiding common mistakes and boosting your confidence.

By learning Japanese grammar, you can engage in sophisticated conversations, appreciate Japanese literature and media, and navigate daily interactions with ease. Our structured lessons simplify complex grammatical concepts, making them accessible and easy to apply. We’re here to help you feel confident and capable in your language journey.

Online Program 3- Blue House Okinawa Japanese School

Take Online Quizzes

Quizzes are a fantastic way to reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and concepts, giving you immediate feedback to identify areas for improvement. Our interactive and fun quizzes make learning enjoyable while challenging you to apply your knowledge in different contexts.

Regular quizzes keep you engaged and motivated by breaking down Japanese learning into manageable segments and tracking your progress. This continuous assessment builds confidence as you see tangible improvements, helping you develop a deeper understanding and achieve higher proficiency in Japanese.

Quizlet Spell

Use Japanese

Using Japanese regularly enhances your ability to think and respond quickly, deepens your cultural understanding, and builds confidence in everyday interactions. At Blue House Okinawa, we encourage students to actively use Japanese in various contexts to solidify their skills. 

Engaging with native speakers and fellow learners on our school social media platform, Living Room, provides a supportive environment to practice and improve. By immersing yourself in Japanese through conversations, social media, and practical applications, you can overcome language barriers and achieve greater proficiency.

Blue House Okinawa English: Japanese School App 399

Practice Japanese Reading

Our school social media; Living Room platform offers a variety of reading materials, from posts by native speakers to articles and stories, allowing you to engage with authentic Japanese content. In a social media setting, you encounter everyday Japanese language and expressions, enhancing your ability to understand and use real-life Japanese.

This practice helps you recognize hiragana, katakana, and kanji, understand grammar in context, and improve your overall reading speed. By developing critical Japanese language skills in an interactive and supportive environment, you can accelerate your progress and boost your confidence.

2. Nov 16, Blue House Okinawa English: Japanese School App10

Practice Japanese Writing

Writing regularly helps reinforce vocabulary and grammar, improving your ability to communicate effectively in Japanese. On Living Room, you can write posts, comments, and messages, providing a practical way to use Japanese in real-life contexts. This practice enhances your ability to express thoughts clearly, develops writing fluency, and boosts your confidence.

You’ll receive feedback from native speakers and fellow learners, helping you identify areas for improvement and refine your skills to use more natural and accurate expressions. By immersing yourself in the Japanese language, you gain valuable experience and accelerate your journey to proficiency.

Blue House Okinawa English: Japanese School App.406

Ask Native Japanese Speakers Questions

Our Living Room platform allows you to ask native Japanese speakers questions about culture, manners, etiquette, and everyday language use. While these native speakers might not answer grammatical questions in English since they are not Japanese instructors, they provide invaluable insights into cultural nuances and practical language use.

Engaging with native speakers helps you understand real-life applications of Japanese and learn about social customs. This interaction fosters cultural exchange, enriching your learning experience. By asking questions, you can clarify doubts and develop a deeper appreciation for Japanese traditions, enhancing your cultural competence and confidence in interactions.

Blue House Okinawa English: Japanese School App.342

Practice Japanese Pronunciation

Proper pronunciation helps you be understood by native speakers and reduces misunderstandings. In-class practice at Blue House Okinawa provides immediate feedback from experienced instructors, helping you correct mistakes and refine your pronunciation.

Face-to-face interactions allow you to observe and mimic the mouth movements, intonation, and rhythm of native speakers, boosting your confidence in speaking Japanese. This hands-on approach encourages active participation and consistent practice, which are key to mastering the nuances of the language.

By improving your pronunciation, you enhance your overall speaking abilities, making conversations more natural and enjoyable.

Blue House Okinawa Japanese /English School Language Exchange 3

Practice Japanese Listening

At Blue House Okinawa, our in-class sessions offer immersive listening practice to help you understand spoken Japanese in various contexts, including conversations with native Japanese speakers. This practice sharpens your ability to catch key phrases, understand context, and respond appropriately.

Improved listening skills enhance your overall Japanese language proficiency, making interactions smoother and more natural. Regular listening practice helps you become more attuned to the nuances of the Japanese language, boosting your confidence in everyday conversations. Additionally, listening to native speakers provides cultural insights and helps you learn idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms.

Blue House Okinawa Japanese:English School-Self-pacecd

Practice Japanese Speaking

Engaging in conversations with native Japanese speakers helps you develop fluency, improve pronunciation, and gain confidence in your speaking abilities. This immersive experience allows you to use authentic expressions and idioms, enhancing your communication skills in real-world scenarios.

Native speakers provide immediate feedback and correct your mistakes, helping you refine your language use. Additionally, these interactions expose you to cultural nuances and social norms, deepening your understanding of Japanese etiquette and customs. Regular speaking practice enables you to respond naturally and spontaneously, making your Japanese more conversational and effective.

Blue House Okinawa Japanese:English School-Anytime, Anywhere

Practice Conversations

We provide a supportive environment for engaging in real-life conversations. Conversational practice helps you apply vocabulary and grammar in context, improving your communication skills. It enhances your listening and speaking abilities, allowing you to respond naturally in various situations.

Regular conversation practice builds confidence, reduces hesitation, and makes your Japanese more fluent and spontaneous. By interacting with native speakers and fellow learners, you gain valuable feedback and learn to navigate different social settings and cultural nuances. This immersive approach boosts your language proficiency and deepens your cultural understanding.

Language Exchange May '19

Learn Japanese Culture and Etiquette

Language Exchange with native Japanese speakers at Blue House Okinawa provides a deep and authentic understanding of social norms and traditions. Experiencing cultural practices firsthand allows you to appreciate the subtleties of Japanese behavior and values, essential for meaningful interactions.

Native speakers offer insights into customs, manners, and social expectations, helping you navigate social situations with confidence and respect. This direct exposure enhances your cultural competence, making you more adept at forming relationships and conducting business in Japan. Additionally, learning etiquette in-person helps you practice proper gestures, greetings, and expressions, making your interactions more natural and appreciated by locals.

By immersing yourself in the cultural environment, you gain a comprehensive understanding that goes beyond textbooks, enriching your overall language learning experience. 

Blue House Okinawa Japanese School - Cultural Understanding Class2

Make Friends with Local Japanese

Making friends with local Japanese people enriches your experience in Okinawa and enhances your language learning journey. Building friendships provides opportunities to practice Japanese in real-life situations, improving your fluency and confidence.

Local friends offer insights into Okinawan culture, traditions, and hidden gems, allowing you to experience the island from a unique and authentic perspective. These connections help you understand social norms and etiquette, making your interactions more meaningful and respectful.

Additionally, friendships foster cultural exchange, enabling you to share your own background and learn from others. By forming genuine relationships, you not only enhance your language skills but also create lasting memories and bonds, making your time in Okinawa more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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Study Exchange

Participating in or organizing a study exchange with local Japanese people at Blue House Okinawa offers a unique and enriching learning experience. This exchange provides a valuable opportunity to practice Japanese in real-world contexts while helping local Japanese improve their English or other languages.

This interaction accelerates your language acquisition, improves conversational skills, and builds confidence. Additionally, study exchange helps you form meaningful connections, creating a supportive learning community. These exchanges offer insights into daily life, customs, and traditions, making your learning experience more authentic and immersive.

By collaborating with local Japanese peers, you enhance your language proficiency, gain cultural insights, and build lasting friendships. 

Study Japanese while helping your Japanese peers to study English!

Study at Your Own Pace

Personalized Mastery with Self-Paced Learning

The journey to mastering Japanese becomes even more personalized with a self-paced method, combining the best of flexibility with the invaluable support of a dedicated instructor at Blue House Okinawa. This approach adapts to your rhythm, creating a learning experience tailored to your individual needs.


Tailored Learning Pace

A self-paced method at Blue House Okinawa empowers you to control the speed of your learning, allowing you to spend more time on challenging concepts or breeze through familiar topics. You don’t have to wait for other students, enabling you to advance more quickly. This flexibility ensures that your study of Japanese aligns with your personal learning style and daily schedule, making language acquisition a seamless part of your life rather than a disruptive obligation.


Accelerate Your Learning Journey

A significant benefit of the self-paced method is the ability to advance quickly through your studies. You can move forward as soon as you’re ready, making your learning experience more efficient and rewarding. Many students find that they can progress faster with a self-paced approach. By focusing on familiar topics briefly and spending more time on challenging areas, you can tailor your study sessions to your strengths and weaknesses, keeping you motivated and engaged.


Direct Instructor Support When Needed

While the self-paced method offers autonomy, the role of an instructor remains pivotal. Whether you need clarification on complex grammatical structures, pronunciation practice, or insights into cultural nuances, your instructor is there to provide targeted support. This blend of independence and expert guidance ensures you’re never truly alone on your path to fluency.


Deepened Understanding Through Flexibility

The beauty of a self-paced approach lies in the liberty to pause and dive deeply into areas of interest or difficulty. Without the pressure to keep up with a preset class pace, you can ensure that your understanding of the Japanese language is deeply rooted. This flexibility encourages a more reflective and thorough engagement with the language, leading to lasting comprehension and proficiency.

The benefits of a self-paced method supported by an instructor in the context of learning Japanese are manifold. From the flexibility that caters to individual lifestyles to the tailored learning experiences that address specific needs, this approach offers a personalized pathway to language mastery. With the added advantage of deepened understanding and enhanced motivation, learners are well-equipped to embark on a rewarding journey toward fluency in Japanese. Embrace the opportunity to learn at your pace, guided by expertise, and discover the joys of language learning tailored just for you.

Japanese Classes



Japanese Learning Tips

Who We Are

Beyond Language Learning

A Close-Knit Multilingual Community
Join us and become part of a vibrant community where Japanese and English learners teach and learn from each other.

Authentic and Immersive Practice
Experience genuine language practice with native Japanese speakers in our Japanese class providing endless opportunities for real-world application.

Supportive and Community-Centered
Embrace a relaxed, community-oriented approach to learning. Together, we support, grow, and share joyful moments, making every step of the journey enjoyable.