Trial Lesson

From: ¥2,000


Thank you,

for your interest in our Japanese class at Blue House Okinawa!

To find out more, please come and visit us for the trial lesson.

To make your visit even more enjoyable,

Please be informed that :

*The classroom opens for the trial lesson 10 minutes prior to the lesson start time.

*We’re located by the seawall by gate 1 of Kadena, Okinawa.

Please refer to this Map


*Please park your car by the seawall. Street parking by Blue House Okinawa is not allowed.

It’s only a few minutes away from the seawall to school.

*Please plan to come early since you’ll take a walk to school.

*Please bring your notebook and pens you feel comfortable with.

And most importantly, bring an open mind to this new adventure at Blue House Okinawa!

Looking forward to seeing you 🙂