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How much time do I need to spend studying outside of class?

It depends on your goals.  If you want to progress rapidly, you will need to devote a considerable amount of time studying, practicing, and generally exposing yourself to the language in as many ways as possible.  However, if you’re like most people, you are juggling various other commitments including work, family, school, etc. and you probably don’t have endless time to devote to Japanese.  Don’t worry, that’s okay!  Many people have made considerable progress without studying for 10 hours a day.  Ideally, we recommend finding a little bit of time every day (or even every other day) to practice — this will be much more effective than a multi-hour cram session every few weeks.  And this practice doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sitting at a desk staring at a book.  Reading road signs, playing audio flashcards while you walk the dog, watching youTube videos, and of course listening and speaking to locals are all great ways to practice!  Compared to others learning Japanese around the world, living here in Okinawa, we are fortunate to be surrounded with endless opportunities to practice Japanese, so have fun with it! 

How fast can I learn Japanese?

According to the United States Foreign Service Institute, Japanese is considered one of the five most difficult languages for a native English speaker to learn, along with Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), and Korean.  These languages require an average of 2200 hours of dedicated practice to achieve “professional working proficiency,” compared to a language like Spanish which averages about one quarter of this time.  So what does this mean?  Probably not a whole lot.  Language learning varies a lot based on the individual, previous language experience, dedication, interest, and countless other factors.  In addition, most Japanese learners don’t need to achieve “professional working proficiency.”  Your best bet is to talk to some of our current students and ask about their experiences and progress.  We think you’ll find that most students are absolutely amazed at how much they have learned in a short period of time!  It is incredibly rewarding when, after a few short months, you can walk out your front door and immediately apply what you’ve learned to your daily interactions with Japanese speakers.

I've already studied Japanese. Do I still have take the beginner classes? Which class should I take?

No, you can join whichever class is most appropriate for your skill level.  You can even join a class mid-term; no need to wait until a new class begins.  To achieve the best fit, check out our course descriptions, and take our replacement test, and of course, talk to us during your trial lesson at Blue House Okinawa.  We will work with you to ensure you’re placed in the best class for your skill level, which may even include sitting in on a class or two to gauge your comfort level with the material.  We recommend selecting your skill level based on your speaking ability, as this is usually hardest to master.

What if I miss some classes?

Unfortunately, we are not able to refund or make-up individual classes that you may miss after registering.  Please review our school policies for further information.

Do you offer a military discount?

Unfortunately we do not offer a military discount.   Please review our school policies for more information on our discount program.

Do you support a student visa?

Unfortunately our school is too small to support a student visa.  However, many of our classes are only two to three months long, so you can complete one on a tourist visa!

Do you offer private classes or private tutoring?

Unfortunately not.  

We find that a community approach to language learning (practicing with classmates and native speakers) is most effective, and one-on-one instruction does not provide this same opportunity.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept online payment only. 

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If you’re wondering what class to take, then take our placement test to see what class fits you the best!

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*All tuition payments for the following month are due on the 20th of the current month regardless of form of payment. 
Payment after the 20th will incur a late fee as follows:  
21st – 25th = 10% late fee, 
26th – on = 20% late fee

*Since we do NOT have a front desk person to take care of cash payment at school so that we can keep the tuition price and the cost low, we require that students to make payments online.

*Please note that courses cannot be broken up, as they are scheduled at a specific pace of learning.  

*Tuition fees cover one calendar month/school semester regardless of your attendance. 

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