Come and join our unique Japanese/English learning community!
Blue House Okinawa Japanese School

Blue House Okinawa Japanese School

Blue House Okinawa is a close-knit and unique community for learners of Japanese and English to support each other!

Close to Kadena gate 1
The school is set in an adorable blue house in Sunabe seawall area.

Authentic Language Practice
Use what you learn in class during our engaging Language Exchange with local native speakers.

Adventurous & Community Centered
A great place to make friends, explore and grow together.


What our students say?



“Blue House is my family”

I like Blue House a lot.
Class is very interesting and fun.
I have made friends here.
Monica sensei is kind and patient.
My classmates are also kind.
Japanese is hard and I get shy when I talk in Japanese.
But Blue House helps me learning.

Ms. Janice Blanchard



“I recommend Blue House to anybody that wishes to learn Japanese”

I learned that Japanese is difficult at Blue House.
But students at Blue House are motivated to learn, Japanese people are kind and helpful.
Blue House is like a family where everyone is welcomed.

I recommend Blue House to anybody that wishes to learn Japanese.

Ms. Garion Hallmon

Japanese Courses

Beginners 1 Japanese Class

Starts in Oct 2019!

  • Learn Japanese from zero!
  • Learn how to read, write, listen and speak Japanese!
  • Get extra 2 hours of Language Exchange for free!

Intermediate Japanese


  • Learn more Kanjis!
  • Practice your Japanese with native local Japanese!
  • Find your native local Japanese study buddy!


Most frequent questions and answers

Unfortunately, our school is too small that NOT able to issue/support any student visa.

The only thing we offer is a Letter of Verification.  

This will show dates of attendance and receipts of payment.

Come and join our Conversational Japanese Class!

You get to learn practical Japanese and practice with native local Japanese.

You can always study with our materials online when you have to miss your class.

And no, we do NOT offer a make-up class, instead, you can use our Language Exchange as your make-up class!

Of course!

Join our Conversational Japanese Class which has once a week lesson!

You can always re-take the class!

We have students re-take the class and we recommend students to move to next class ONLY when they are able to comfortably use what you’ve learned in the class.

You’ve already learn how to read and write Japanese! That’s awesome!

Join our Conversational Japanese Class to reinforce your Japanese and practice with native local Japanese!

Blue House Okinawa Japanese School

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