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App Tutorials

This page is to show you how you can make the most of your language exchange.

Please start off with 1. Let’s Get Started! and go through all the tutorials to learn how to make Japanese friends and how to do language exchanges with them.

1. Let's Get Started!

Check your ID, reset password and turn email notifications off.

2. Profile Set Up

Set up your display name, profile picture and cover picture.

3. Practice

Now, let's start practicing Japanese!

4. Practice Even More!

More Practice 🙂

5. Ask a Question

About Japanese language.

6. Help Others

Please help local Japanese learn English. We help each other in our community.

7. Message

Send a message for personal stuff.

Star Members/Premium Members/Students Only 

8. Friend Request

Let's make some friends!

9. Find Your Buddies

Find your Zoom Language Exchange buddies and study with them.

10. Preparation

Prepare for the Zoom Language Exchange.

11. Run It

Now, run the Zoom Language Exchange.

12. Review

Reviewing is a good way to reinforce what you've learned.

13. Book & Cancel a group session

Book, check and cancel the group session.

14. Prepare

Prepare for the group session to make the most of it.

15. Enjoy

Enjoy your group session!

16. Review

Review and organize what you've learned.

Let's Make
Japanese Friends and practice japanese!

You can do that and more at
Blue House Okinawa
Japanese Language
Exchange Club 🙂