To Blue House Okinawa 🙂

App Tutorials

As our students requested more opportunities to practice their target languages, Japanese/English, we have created our own app, just for our students!

Students can use Japanese/English off the class, from home, on the go, whenever they have a little time to spend on the phone 🙂

Our Blue House Okinawa app provides a private, direct connection between staff students and students.

Start off with 1. Let’s Get Started! and go through all the tutorials to learn how to make Japanese friends!

Please let your instructor know once you’ve done with everything!

1. Let's Get Started!

Check your ID, reset password and turn email notifications off.

2. Profile Set Up

Set up your display name, profile picture and cover picture.

3. Practice

Now, let's start practicing Japanese!

4. Practice Even More!

More Practice 🙂

5. Ask a Question

About Japanese language.

6. Help Others

Please help local Japanese learn English. We help each other in our community.

7. Message

Send a message for personal stuff.

8. Friend Request

Let's make some friends!

Let's Make
Japanese Friends and practice japanese!

You can do that and more at
Blue House Okinawa 🙂