Send a Message

to Your Japanese Friend

You'd like to send a thank you message to your friend directly?

Here is how to send a message to your Japanese friend.


1. Click on "Menu".

On Browser:
Search "Blue House Okinawa" and open it.

2. Click on the arrow next to Menu.

3. Click on Living Room.

4. Click on "+" in the message box to start a chat.

5. Start a chat!

Please fill the information below:

① Recipient(s)

② Subject/Group Name

③ Message

④ Attachment

⑤ Send

⑥ Close Message

6. Close the message and go back to message box.
See if the chat you just started displays.
If it does then, you're all set.

Wait for reply from your friend!

Come back and check your message box to see if you have a reply!