School Policies

1.  Class Registration & Payment

When registering for classes, you may elect to pay for the full class upfront, pay monthly, or pay in two-week increments.  If paying monthly or in two-week increments, please use the Blue House Okinawa website to register for classes every month/week(s) that you plan to participate, regardless of your method of payment.  This guarantees your place in class.  While registering, you have the option to pay online via PayPal or you may select “pay cash on delivery,” after which you may pay in person at Blue House using cash (Yen) or credit card.

For continuing students, all tuition payments for the following month are due on the 20th of the current month, regardless of the form of payment or the date you registered.  We will try to send courtesy reminders via the Blue House Okinawa App several days prior to this monthly deadline, but this is not guaranteed.  Payments after the 20th will incur a 10% late fee (21st – 25th) or 20% late fee (26th – 31st).

2.  Discount Program

We offer three types of discounts.  First, paying for a course upfront in full entities you to a 10% off discount.  Next, referring a new student to Blue House (and the student registers and pays tuition for a course) entitles you to a ¥2,700 discount on your tuition for the same month the new student enrolls.  Only one referral discount is allowed per month.  Finally, we offer up to a 20% off discount for active course participation — this includes class and language exchange attendance, homework completion, course feedback, etc.  If you pay for a course upfront in full and subsequently achieve participation discounts, the discount(s) will be applied as a credit towards tuition for future courses.

3.  Refunds

All payments are non-refundable.  We unfortunately cannot offer refunds or make-ups for missed classes. Depending on the evolving COVID-19 situation, it’s possible we may have to temporarily switch to online lessons to ensure the safety of our students.  In this situation tuition will not be refunded, so please keep this in mind as you register.

4.  Blue House Okinawa App

Please create an account and personal profile on the Blue House Okinawa App, which is available for free download from Apple and Google app stores (search “Blue House Okinawa”).  Our App is the hub for all communication between students, teachers, and staff.  Because the App does not push notifications to your phone’s operating system, please monitor the App on a regular basis so you don’t miss important announcements and communications from your fellow students.  In addition, the App helps to consolidate your learning materials (some linked, others hosted on the App itself), guide/track your course progress, facilitate assignments, and enable communication with your fellow students via direct messaging and group forums.

5.  Access to Online Materials

Access to the Blue House Okinawa App and Blue House Quizlet is for registered, tuition-paying students.  Access is granted on a monthly basis, and will be suspended if tuition is not paid.  If you are taking time off from class but would like to maintain access to continue your studies, you have the option of paying a ¥6,800/month access fee.  

6.  Language Exchanges

Language exchange events are included in your tuition as a registered student.  You are welcome to bring an individual guest to language exchange events up to three times.  Anyone not currently paying tuition (e.g. former students, friends who have already attended as guests three times, etc.) can still attend language exchanges for a ¥2,000 fee per event.  These policies do not apply to language exchange activities that may occur during your scheduled class time.

7.  Delays, Absences, and Vacations

If you will be late for class, please send a quick message via the Blue House Okinawa App so your teacher knows to expect you.  In addition, please let your teacher know in advance if you’re going to miss a class or will be gone for an extended period due to vacation, work travel, etc.  Remember to register online for the month you return to save your place in class.

8.  Class Cancellations

In the event of inclement weather (e.g. typhoon), school closings will be posted via the Blue House Okinawa App.

9.  Special Events

Participation in special events may require administrative fees payable during sign-up and/or other activity fees (e.g. ferry, bikes, etc.) payable in cash on the day of the event.

10.  Making Friends

Blue House Okinawa is a wonderful place to learn and make new friends.  We encourage students to practice their new language skills together, and we offer special events to encourage intercultural learning and experiences.  However, we are not a dating service and we discourage use of our school and events for that purpose.  Our expectation is that students will interact respectfully and will contribute to a healthy learning environment.  Not doing so may be considered grounds for dismissal.

11.  Student Visas, Letters of Recommendation, and References

We are only able to provide a Letter of Verification, which will show your dates of attendance and receipts of payment.

12.  Liability Release

Students agree that Blue House Okinawa, including its employees, agents, and representatives, may not be held liable for any damage or loss of personal property, or personal injury, that may occur while on Blue House property or while attending an offsite event.

13.  Questions

Questions about student progress, assignments, and other class-related information should be directed to the teacher responsible for the class.  Questions regarding registration, tuition, payment, and other administrative matters should be directed to the Blue House administrative staff.