4-week Oki Life 101: Survival Class


Have you just moved to Okinawa and are totally lost? Or maybe you’ve been living in Okinawa for a while but want to learn how to live more like a local? Are you anxious about venturing off base for anything? 

After much demand, we are happy to introduce our Oki Life 101 Survival class! In this class, we’ll cover topics such as Japanese manners & etiquette, how to pay your bills off base, simple phrases to use at a convenience store (konbini) / restaurants, and more!  There will even be time during class to ask your teacher questions if you’re looking for more specific information! 

In this class you will also have the opportunity to meet, interact, and exchange opinions with Japanese locals as you learn more about the culture! 

This class is perfect for you if you are looking for a basic knowledge of how to survive in Okinawa and interact in a simple manner with locals! This class will not require studying outside of class, nor discussion of reading, writing or grammar.

If you are looking for a deeper knowledge of Japanese beyond common phrases / words including reading, writing, and grammar, we would recommend signing up for our Japanese language courses instead! Please see our language course offerings here!

This class will meet 2x/week for 4 weeks. Classes will be 90 minutes. Topics will be covered as follows:

Session 1: Japanese manners / etiquette

Session 2: Convenience store + phrases

Session 3: How to pay bills off base: phone, electricity, gas, water, internet. How to separate trash

Session 4: Point cards

Session 5: Airlines

Session 6: Local grocery store information. Common vegetables & sample dishes.

Session 7: Field trip to Japanese grocery store

Session 8: Open Q&A. Certificate. 

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a commemorative certificate for your completion!

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