This orientation is for new students who registered the course and made the payment.


Have you registered your course and made the payment already??



First, omedetou (congratulations)! As they say, “Showing up is often the hardest part,” so cheers for taking action!


If you want to make the most of your time on this gorgeous island, there’s no better way than starting with exploring the language.
While anyone can definitely survive here with only English, knowing the language of any country you visit can transform your experience.
Language is a great adventure in itself and opens many more opportunities in terms of friendships, work, networking, shopping, travel, cuisine, intellectual growth, etc.


Blue House Okinawa is a small, unique community for learners of English and Japanese to support each other, share culture, and reach their language goals. Blue House is not a traditional school based on grades or rote memorization.


What’s Blue House Okinawa About?

We’re happy that you’re joining our community and want to share our vision.

At Blue House Okinawa, we:

    1. 1.Embrace mistakes and difficulty as a process for growth
    • 2.Believe in teamwork
      3.Let go of perfection and work towards progress
      4.View struggling, persistence, and overcoming as an excellent recipe for resiliency.
      • 5.Include each other
      • 6.Celebrate!


Whether it’s reading your first word in hiragana, your first book in kanji, your first conversation with a Japanese-only speaker, or the first time you can order your meal in Japanese, cheer yourself on at each milestone.

You’ll excel as a self-motivated, engaged student who takes initiative. Blue House Okinawa, like life, is what you make of each opportunity; your return is based on your investment.

Blue House Okinawa offers the following opportunities and resources with each class to create a well-rounded, real-life learning experience.



To make your visit even more enjoyable,

Please be informed that :

*We’re located by the seawall by gate 1 of Kadena, Okinawa.

Please refer to this Map

*Please park your car by the seawall. Street parking by Blue House is not allowed.

It’s only a few minutes away from the seawall to Blue House!

*Please plan to come early since you’ll take a walk to Blue House!

*Please bring your notebook and pens you feel comfortable with.

And most importantly, bring a open mind to this new adventure at Blue House!

Looking forward to seeing you!