Japanese Practice!

Let's practice even more!
Check on Timeline and join the conversations 🙂

Please write post or comment in both Japanese and English.

Sometimes, it's hard for us to help members when they only write in one language and we can't understand what they trying to say.

Please help us understand what you're trying to say easier in both Japanese and English so that we can suggest a correction or better way to say.


1. Click on Timeline under Living Room.

Search "Blue House Okinawa" and open it on web.

2. Click on "Living Room".

3. Click on Timeline.

4. On Timeline, you can see:

① Who's online
② Notifications

and you can see other members' post.

5. With the filter, you can see,

① All members' post
② Your friends' post
③ Your groups' post.

6. You can start a conversation simply by posting.

7. Click on photo when you post photos.

8. Click on Slideshow when you make slideshow.

9. Click on Quote when you post any quotes.

10. Click on GIF when you post with GIF.

11. You can upload files by clicking File too.

12. Click on Video to upload videos.
*You can only upload mp4, ogg, ogv, 
webm files.

13. Click on Audio for audio files.

14. Click on Links for posting links.

Try different types post and enjoy!

Editing Post

1. Click on the top right corner TWICE.

2. Click on the green icon.

3. Edit your post and click on "SAVE CHANGES".
And you're all set!


1. Please comment in both Japanese and English here too.
Click on Comment.

2. Write a comment and hit "Return" on your keyboard.
It'll automatically post your comment.

3. Click on file icon to upload a photo/video/file.

3. Click on photo icon to post GIF.