Set up

Your Page

What do you look at first when you see other member's profile page for the first time?

Probably their names and pictures, right?

You might be hesitant to accept friend requests or reply less to messages from someone with strange, or clearly fake names or with no profile pictures.

So are other members.

We ask members to set up their profiles with their real names to run a safe community but if you feel uncomfortable with showing both of your real first name and last name then you can just display only your first name OR last name.

Please be aware that Blue House Okinawa management team might contact you to identify you when the accounts are suspected that is fake or not real.

Here, we'll set up your biography in both Japanese(if possible) and English too.

Sometimes, it's hard for Japanese people to understand your bigraphy when it's written only in Japanese especially when you're still learning Japanese.

Please help us understand better and write your biography in both Japanese and English so that we can suggest a correction or better way to say if you'd like.

Tell us about you,
what you love, what is your dream in both Japanese and English.

We all share and support each other in our community 🙂

Display Name

1. Click on the arrow next to your name.

2. Click on About.

3. Scroll down and click on Edit All.

4. Input your first name, last name, gender, birthday.

For about me,
Write your self-introduction
in both Japanese and English.

Write about:
your name,
where you're from,

why you wanna learn Japanese,
what would you like to do
when you speak Japanese fluently,

your dream,
your passion,

something that you can't stop loving,
something that you've been doing for a long time,

Write the information you would like to
know when you look at other members profile page,

or the information that makes you want to be their friends 🙂


5. Click Save All after editing.

6. Click on Preferences next to About.

7. You can choose how you'd like to display your name.
If you'd not like to display your birth year then hide it!

8. Make sure "Enable Chat" and "Open minimized chat" are turned on.

Profile Pictures

1. Scroll up and click Change avatar.

2. Click on Upload new.

3. Choose your profile picture.

4. Crop your image.

5. Click on confirm after cropping.

5. Click on Done.

Cover Picture

1. Click on Change cover.

2. Click on Upload new.

3. Choose your cover picture.

4. Click on Reposition and reposit your picture as needed.

5. Click on Save after reposition.