Practice Your Japanese with Native Japanese Speakers Online!

Our Language Exchange at our school

Studying Japanese?

*Looking for native Japanese speakers to practice with?

*You've learned Japanese but don't have a chance to use it?

*Need to work on your Japanese listening and speaking skills?

*Want to practice Japanese from home?

We made our

Language Exchange

Now you can meet Japanese people
and practice Japanese with them online 🙂

Our Language Exchange at our school

In our community,

we practice conversation

with native Japanese speakers.

And Japanese people practice English

conversations with us.

We exchange and support each other 🙂

Our Language Exchange at our school

In our online community

There are many chances
to practice your Japanese!

1. Community

*Use the community as your journal.
Make a habit to use Japanese everyday.

*Communicate in Japanese and see if native Japanese speakers can understand your Japanese.

*Talk about anime, manga, video games, sushi, tea or anything you'd like with native Japanese speakers.

*Make Japanese friends! From home!

2. Group Session

*Join our weekly instructor-led group sessions over Zoom.

*You'll meet native Japanese speakers and practice with them!

*In addition to practicing Japanese, you can also ask our instructors questions about the community, app, language exchange, etc.

3. Video Call

*Make friends with native Japanese speakers in the community and group sessions!

*Video call with them and practice your Japanese.

*You can video call whenever you'd like and as much as you'd like, as long as your friends are available .

4. Test Prep

*Prep for your Japanese test with your Japanese friends.

*Practice your Japanese speaking with native Japanese speakers.

*Have your Japanese friends read aloud practice scripts and test yourself.

What make us unique?

Our Unique Community

Japanese Management Team

We're an English/Japanese school in Okinawa, Japan, providing a unique language exchange program.

The language exchange online community is also managed by our Japanese and English instructors.

Ask us any Japanese questions if you have any!

Learning Community

We have instructors running our community to provide structure, guidance, and a good learning experience.

And since our community is made up of dedicated, paid members,  everyone is committed to supporting each other.

Group Session

A little nervous about speaking in Japanese to native Japanese speakers?

Join our weekly instructor-led group sessions over Zoom.

You can meet native Japanese speakers and practice with them!

We practice together 🙂

Anytime, Anywhere

Help native Japanese speakers with their English conversation practice!

The more you help, the more you'll learn and make friends.

You can video call and practice anytime, anywhere, as long as your friends are available.

We grow together

Our Stories

Beyond Language Learning

We love to see students learning and supporting each other!

Students' Voice

Our students = our family 🙂

Join Us Today!

How to sign -up

1. Registration

Our community membership is a $98 monthly subscription.

You don’t want to participate in weekly group sessions? Then just join our app-only membership for a $68 monthly subscription.

2. Payment

You can pay with your credit card or PayPal.


You’ll be automatically charged the monthly subscription fee unless you cancel your membership.

3. Set up your account

Within 24 hours after payment, you’ll receive an email from us.

You can access our community and set up your account following the instructions.

4. Welcome!

Now you’re in! Go ahead and introduce yourself in both English and Japanese.

Remember to offer help first, before you ask for help. Practice Japanese “give-first” culture 😉


Monthly membership  subscription is $98.

Just want to enjoy our app/community without weekly instructor-led group sessions?

You can sign up for an app-only monthly membership  subscription for $68.


Sign up our app-only monthly membership  subscription for $68. 

You can enjoy our community without the group sessions!

For now, our community is for English learners and Japanese learners. 

We might add more languages to exchange practice in the future as our membership grows.

Our community is for practicing what you have learned. 

For this reason, we recommend you have at least a basic conversational level of Japanese in order to get the most out of our community 🙂

We need an agreement signed off by a parent or guardian for a member of 19 years old and under.

Please let us know if the name on the credit card or PayPal that you make the payment with and your account name will be different.

The group session is a weekly, instructor-led group session over Zoom. 

Come and join to make a habit to use your Japanese at least once a week!

Right now, we’re planning to have it Monday and Wednesday around noon(JST) and Tuesday evening(JST).

We’ll schedule more sessions as we get more members.

Please send us message in our community.

We recommend joining our weekly group sessions to make a habit of using your Japanese at least once a week.

Can’t make it every week? 

That’s ok! You can still participate four times in the month.

We accept credit cards and PayPal.

You can simply cancel the membership subscription at any time on your account page.

Join Us Today!

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