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Let's Run the

Language Exchange!

Now let's make the most of the Zoom Language Exchange!

1. Start the Zoom meeting

Start a Zoom meeting at least 5 minutes before to the scheduled time so that your buddies can wait in the waiting room and prepare too.

2. Self-Introduction

Introduce yourself and ask your buddies to introduce themselves too if you guys are meeting for the first time.

It’s not a first time for you guys? 

Then start off with a greeting and a small talk to break the ice 🙂

3. Inform the Schedule

Inform your buddies:

*how long the Japanese practice session takes

*how long the English practice session takes

*what time the whole session ends 

so that they can enjoy the session without wondering how long they have to practice.

You guys don’t have to finish everything on the worksheets.

Go ahead and work on the worksheets as long as you guys can.

4. Decide Who Goes First

Ask your buddies who wants go first.

You buddies being shy? 

Then go ahead and ask them if you can go first!

5. Japanese Practice with the Worksheets


Now you practice your Japanese with native Japanese speakers even more!

So excited! 

Go ahead and send the worksheets link to your buddies and ask them if they can open the file and see it.

Practice with native speakers is the best!

6. Japanese Quiz with the Worksheets

Ask your buddies to call out the numbers on the Japanese script of the worksheets randomly.

You can ask them in Japanese

“すうじを ばらばらに よんで ください。”


“Suji wo bara bara ni yonde kuda sai.”

Meaning please call out the numbers randomly.

7. Say it in Japanese

When your buddies call out the numbers, you go ahead and look for the numbers on the English Scripts of the worksheets.

Now you translate it into Japanese and say it!

See if your buddies can understand your Japanese.

You can tell your buddies,
“すうじの ことばを にほんごで いいます。”


“Suji no kotoba wo nihon go de ii mas.”

Meaning I’ll say the word of the number in Japanese.

Run a couple test quiz and show them how it works if needed.

Practice till you can say it in Japanese smoothly 🙂

8. Ask Questions in Japanese

You’re done with the worksheets?

Well done!

Now let’s ask your buddies the Japanese questions that you’ve made with the Japanese you’ve learned.

See if they can understand your Japanese questions and see if you can understand their answers.


You need them to say it again?

Ask them

“もう いちど いって ください。”


“Mou ichido itte kuda sai.”

Meaning please say it again.

Do you need them to speak slow?

Ask them

”ゆっくり はなして ください。”


“Yukkuri hanasite kuda sai.”

Meaning please speak slow.

Enjoy the Japanese conversation!

9. English Practice with the Worksheets

Now it’s your turn to quiz your buddies! 

Help them learning English!

Open up the English worksheets PDF link that your buddies will sent to you.

Call out the numbers on the worksheets randomly and see if your buddies can say the word or the sentence in English.

They got it right?

You can compliment them by saying

“すごい!” or “Sugoi!”

Meaning great!

Or you can also say

“じょうず!” or “Jozu!”

Meaning well done!

10. English Practice with Answering the Questions

You guys are done with the worksheets and still have time?

Great job!

Let’s have your buddies ask you English questions that they’ve made.

Please answer in English super slow! 

Slower than you think especially to those who just started learning English.

We wouldn’t want to discourage our buddies ;(

So ask them if your speaking speed is ok with them and they will really appreciate you for caring they 🙂

We help each other and encourage each other here!

11. Closing

Say thank you to your buddies or say

“ありがとう ございました。”

“Arigato gozai mashita.”

Share with them what you’ve learned and what you liked about the session.

It will benefit your buddies too 🙂

If you’d like to have another session with them, ask them if they would like to have it with you again.

If they’re willing to join your session again then go ahead and set up a schedule too.

Posting to find your Zoom Language Exchange buddies,
waiting for the comments, scheduling the session,
creating the group message and communicating with them until the session,
those are a lot of work!

You can save up so much time if you can schedule another session in the session while you’re running it.

We recommend to keep looking for new Zoom Language Exchange buddies, and at the same time, schedule the session repeatedly with same buddies that way you can practice your Japanese as much as you’d like.

We never know who can be your lifetime study buddy until you get to know them deeply and truly 🙂

Just like a group session, a Zoom language exchange doesn’t end here.



13. Review what you’ve learned.