Let's do the

Language Exchange!

Now let's make the most of the Zoom Language Exchange!


Start a Zoom meeting!

Start a Zoom Language Exchange

Go ahead and start off with introducing yourself and ask your Zoom Language Exchange buddies to introduce themselves if you guys are meeting for the first time.

Then, explain what practice you'd like to do and ask them what practice would they like.

You can refer to your post that you posted to find your Zoom Language Exchange buddies.

Enjoy the Language Exchange!

Close the Session

After the practice, tell you Japanese friends "thank you".

And if you'd like to have another session with them, ask them if they can have it with you again.

If they're willing to join your session again then go ahead and set up a schedule too.

Posting to find your Zoom Language Exchange buddies,
waiting for the comments, scheduling the session,
creating the group message and communicating with them until the session
are a lot of work!

You can save up so much time if you can schedule another session in the session while you're running it.

We recommend to keep looking for new Zoom Language Exchange buddies, and at the same time, schedule the session repeatedly with same buddies that way you can practice your Japanese as much as you'd like.

We never know who can be your lifetime study buddy until you get to know them deeply and truly 🙂


Please share your experience in Zoom Language Exchange group after your Zoom Language Exchange.

What practice did you guy do?
What worked? And what not?

What tools did you guys use?
What tools do you recommend?

Your advice will help a lot of other members 🙂