Let's Get Started!

Log-in & Profile Picture Setting

Log in

1. Click on "Menu".

On Browser:
Search "Blue House Okinawa" and open it.

2. Click on "Log in".

3. Put your Username or Email Address and Password that you registered with.
And click on Log in.

4. You're in!

Email and Password

Check Your Email and Password

1. Click on the arrow next to your name.

2. Click on About.

3. Scroll down and click on Account.

4. Check your registered ①User Name, ②Email so that you can log in to on mobiles or on the browser.
Put your ③current password to add change.
Don't forget to click on ④Save after adding changes.

On Mobile:
Scroll down.

Turn Off Email Notifications

1. Click on Notifications next to Account.

2. Click on Disable e-mails to turn off all the email notifications.

Next, we’ll learn

2. Set up your page!