This Feature is for Paid/Premium Members Only.

How to Find Your

Zoom Language
Exchange Buddies

We call a member to member session where members exchange speaking practice over Zoom, "Zoom Language Exchange."

You can have it as many as you'd like as long as your Japanese friends are available.

Here, we'll go through how to find your Zoom Language Exchange buddies.

Goals of the Language Exchange

*To see if you remember what you've learned.

*To see if your Japanese friends understand your Japanese.

*To listen to native Japanese speakers Japanese pronunciation.

*To learn how native Japanese speakers use Japanese.

*To understand what your Japanese friends think, how they look at things, and how they express their feeling.

*To understand Japanese culture deeply.


1. Click on "Menu".

On Browser:
Search "Blue House Okinawa" and open it.

2. Click on the arrow next to Menu.

3. Click on Paid Members Only or Premium Members Only depending on your membership type.

4. Click on Zoom Language Exchange.

5. In the group, we'll post to find your Zoom Language Exchange buddies.

6. Read Description to understand how to find your Zoom Language Exchange buddies better.

You can even copy and paste the description and post too!

7. Write about all the information the description mentions, and make it easy for Japanese people to check their schedule, understand your needs, and join your Zoom Language Exchange session.

Check Your Post

1. Come back to your post and check if anyone comments on your post.
To check your post, you can go to Find Study Buddies.

2. Check your post and see if anyone commented on your post.
If you do have any comments then you can reply to the person on the post or you can start a chat/direct message.

Check Other Members' Post too!

See other members' post and join their Zoom Language Exchange if you can.
Your little help means a lot to your Japanese friends 🙂