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Thank you always for studying Japanese with us!
We’re so lucky to have you all 🙂

As we’re getting more students and growing as both Japanese and English school, we had to add some new changes.

Please read the announcement below and send us an acknowledge on Facebook messenger class group chat once you read it!

Thank you
Blue House Okianwa

December lessons are from Monday, November 25th to Thursday December 19th.

We’ll have lessons on 5th week of November!

Blue House oKinawa will be closed from Sunday, December 22nd to Sunday, January 5th for the holidays.

Since we can only post one review on both Facebook Page and Google Map, and we love to support our hard-studying-students, we’ll start a new discount system below:

*Attend all of the lessons(or Language Exchange as substitution) in the month / 5% Discount
*80% of more homework submission in the month / 5% Discount
*80 or more average score on in-class-quizzzes / 5% Discount

*80 or more score on your project presentation / 5% Discount
*Take our school survey / 5% Discount

You can apply the discount on your tuition for the following month.

Keep studying Japanese and get discounts!

Students are required to use the Blue House Okinawa website to register for your class every month regardless of method of payment.  

This guarantees your place in class on a monthly basis.

While doing this, you will have the option to pay online via PayPal or choose the Pay Cash On Delivery, which you will pay at Blue House Okinawa via cash or credit card.

All tuition payments for the following month are due on the 20th of the current month regardless of form of payment, or date you registered.

Payment after the 20th will incur a late fee as follows:

21st – 25th = 10% late fee
26th – on = 20% late fee

*Tuition fees cover one calendar month regardless of your attendance.

As we started new classes this month, some of you might have picked up new course materials.

If you haven’t paid for them yet, please purchase the course materials along with your December tuition.

Adding to Thursday evening Language Exchange, Monday morning Language Exchange has started!

It’s 10am-12pm. Please come and join us!

Practice your Japanese and enjoy the conversation with local friends 🙂

December tuition payment is due on Wednesday, November 20th.

You can register your class and make the payment through the link here.

Don’t forget that you can purchase “half month” tuition too if you’ll miss class for about half a month!

Have you posted reviews on both Facebook Page and Google Map?
Please apply the coupon code before you make the payment.
Coupon code for December tuition is: dec19

You haven’t posted reviews yet?
You can still post them and get the discount!
Let us know once you posted them 🙂

You can let us know here

We always look forward to seeing you again 🙂

We created Facebook Messenger class group chats for us to communicate better!

You can contact us in the class group chat and ask us about your class, study, the payment or anything.

Feel free to talk to us in Messenger class group chat 🙂

Please send us an acknowledgement in the messenger class group chat once you read and understood this announcement.

We’re looking forward to studying with you all in December too 🙂

Thank you!

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