Students' Common Challenge

Have you had this feeling,

Why can’t I speak Japanese yet?!

Despite years of dedication to study languages, we get frustrated by our inability to speak confidently.

Language-learning is challenging due to the proficiency that requires overlapping skills; such as reading, listening, writing, cultural awareness, speaking, pronunciation, etc. Most standard schools often emphasize only grammar, reading and writing over other aspects.

Thus, we become discouraged and feel as if we don’t know anything after years of study, when in fact we just haven’t had sufficient practice in a particular skill to make us a balanced learner.

At Blue House Okinawa, you’ll find the opportunity to develop all areas of the language to build towards proficiency and have listening and speaking practice with both peer learners and native speakers in a comfortable environment.

Our Solution

Language Exchange

Our goal is to build students’ confidence to put their learning to use quickly and more often.

We are so fortunate to also have an English Learning class to help the native Japanese speakers learn english as well. Introducing our Language Exchange Program  brings opportunity for both English and Japanese students to practice speaking in a comfortable environment, as we are all learning at our own pace. This program is a wonderful way to immerse in language-learning with native Japanese speakers and allows you to practice what you’ve learned right away!

It is easy to make local Japanese friends through our Language Exchange,  make real connections with them and allow you practice your Japanese even more!

In language exchanges, perfection is not expected to participate — start with what you can, even if it turns into charades, and let your native speaking peers guide you to accuracy. Ask questions, share cultural insights, and provide feedback to each other while building your confidence with communication.

This exchange is a fantastic way to bridge the gap between classroom learning and communicating in the real world

Blended Learning

Blue House Okinawa is committed to supporting independent learning and encourage student initiative.

Our “Blended Learning” method is a learning experience best suited for motivated students who come to class ready to put their studies into practice.

It is a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content outside of the classroom (often online — lectures, discussions forums, etc.) and moves activities, including those that have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom.

This flips the classroom into being active, fosters student interaction and prioritizes enjoyment over grades.

Retaking a Course

Sometimes students that take Japanese lessons, only use the class time to practice their language skills leading them to feel that they are slowing down.

One solution to this, and one we recommend, is to retake the lesson. You have the ability and the choice to move to the next level class once you feel comfortable with speaking 80% or more of what you’ve learned.

Finishing a lesson and moving forward to the next, can be daunting to some. Concentrating on the the next lesson gets in the way of solidifying any previous information that you may have learned. Therefore the information feels lost and the foundation of the language falls apart. This perspective causes feeling of difficulty for grasping the concepts and pronunciations the first time.  

Please understand that you are not alone if this feeling ever crosses your mind. So don’t feel ashamed or dismayed if you don’t quite get it immediately.

Many of our students started from the beginning two to three times!

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