Blue House Okinawa Japanese School

Blue House Okinawa is a close-knit and unique community for learners of Japanese and English to support each other!


Close to Kadena Air Base gate 1

The school is set in an adorable blue house in Sunabe seawall area.


Authentic Language Practice

Use what you learn in class during our engaging Language Exchange with local native speakers.


Adventurous & Community Centered

A great place to make friends, explore and grow together.

Having questions?

Please read FAQ and our School Policies.


Most frequent questions and answers

Unfortunately, our school is too small that NOT able to issue/support any student visa.

However, most of our classes are 3 months long that you can come and take with your tourist visa!

And of course, you can join us just for one class too!

Learning Japanese writing is very beneficial!

After you study Japanese writing, you’ll be able to text with your Japanese friends and practice your Japanese with even more.

Also you’ll be able to read signs on the road or at the store so that you can practice reading even more too!

You will be able to read and write Hiragana in 8 weeks by taking Beginners Japanese 1 Class at Blue House Okinawa.

After Beginners Japanese 1 Class, you will learn Katakana in Beginners Japanese 2 Class. 

Then, you will be able to read and write all Japanese words in both Hiragana and Katakana.

Kanji will follow Katakana, learning Kanji is a very interesting part that will allow you to understand Japanese beyond reading and writing!

Japanese vocabulary, phrases grammar and pronunciation are all important aspects to speak Japanese.

If you know a lot of vocabulary, it will help you speak in more variety and understand/express in Japanese more.

If you know Japanese grammar, it gives you a depth to your Japanese conversation because some words can not be directly translated from English to Japanese. 

If you got Japanese pronunciation right and know plenty of phrases, it will help you speak more like a native speaker which makes your Japanese conversation much easier for native Japanese speakers to understand.

In conclusion, let’s study all together at Blue House Okinawa 🙂

Even if you have a lot of knowledge, without speaking practice, you won’t be able to speak well.

To be able to speak Japanese faster, we recommend to practice speaking with a native speaker.

To improve your listening skill, of course, talking to Japanese people will help.

Also, you can listen to Japanese podcasts, watch Japanese Youtube videos, drama and/or anime. 

Repeating/shadowing from any of these options will also benefit your learning process.

We provide speaking practice with native Japanese speakers through our in class Language Exchange.

For additional practice, we also provide a 2 hour Language Exchange outside of class for FREE!

You can also make friends here!!

We have some school events too, so you can speak with Japanese people while learning Japanese culture!!

Yes! Come and join us!

You get to practice your Japanese with native Japanese speakers in our class!

Practicing listening and speaking are different than learning writing and vocabulary.

It could be overwhelmed if you learn a new language and practice it at the same time(it’s an ideal learning style though).

Instead, if you can only focus on listening and speaking then , of course, you’ll be good at them and improve your Japanese conversation.

So we recommend you to join our Beginners Japanese Class so that you can focus on listening and speaking to practice conversation more.

Oh no! You’ve already found that out! 😜

But it’ll be alright!
Don’t worry!

You can always re-take the class!

We actually recommend students to move to next course ONLY when they are able to comfortably use what they’ve learned in the class.

We practice more together, and we grow more together 🙂

Glad to hear that!

You can always practice your Japanese with local native speakers on our community, and you can even find your study buddies too!

We also provide Language Exchange on Monday mornings, 10am-12pm and Thursday evenings, 7pm-9pm for free to our students. So Come and join us!

You can study with our materials online when you have to miss your class!

Don’t forget to check each week’s assignment on our community to keep catching up the class.

And we do NOT offer a make-up class, instead, you can use our Language Exchange as your make-up class!

Blue House Okinawa Japanese School Policies 



Students are required to use the Blue House Okinawa website to register for your class every month regardless of method of payment.  This guarantees your place in class on a monthly basis. While doing this, you will have the option to pay online via PayPal or choose the Pay Cash On Delivery, which you will pay at Blue House Okinawa via cash or credit card.

All tuition payments for the following month are due on the 20th of the current month regardless of form of payment, or date you registered.  There will be a reminder posted on the Facebook Group Page 7 days prior.

Payment after the 20th will incur a late fee as follows:

21st – 25th = 10% late fee

26th – on = 20% late fee

*Tuition fees cover one calendar month regardless of your attendance.



All fees are non-refundable.


*Delays- If you are running late, please send a quick text via Facebook Group Chat, so your teacher knows to expect you.

*Absences – Please let your teacher know ahead of time if you know you are going to miss a class.   Contact your teacher via Facebook Group Chat

Vacations – Please notify your teacher via Facebook Group Chat. Remember to register online for the month you return to save your place in class if you choose to continue with Blue House Okinawa.



School Closings will be posted on the Facebook Group Page. (Inclement weather, etc.)



Damage to or loss of personal property or injury on premises or off-site: We do not assume any responsibility, either real or imposed, for the loss of personal property or injury of any student.


Quizlet, the Facebook Group and Facebook Group Chat are for tuition paying students.

Access to these are from the first calendar day of the month through the last calendar day of the month.

If your tuition is not paid before the first calendar day of the month, your access ends.  Once tuition is paid, it will then be restarted.

*If you are taking time off from class but intend to return and need access to online class materials to continue your studies, you have the option of paying a ¥5,000 usage fee per month for up to 3 months maximum. Please contact us via the Blue House Okinawa Facebook Page.



Please make the most of the Blue House Okinawa Okinawa Facebook Group and Group Chat.

Our Facebook Group provides a private, direct connection between staff members and students.



Language Exchange Events are free for current tuition paying students.  Beginning July 1, 2019, anyone not currently paying tuition, can still come to a Language Exchange Event for a ¥1000 fee.



Starting July 1, 2019, all special events will require a ¥500 non-refundable administration fee, paid during sign up via the Blue House Okinawa website.  If there are any other fees, (ferry, bikes, etc) they will be paid in cash at the event place on the day of the event.


Blue House Okinawa is a wonderful school to learn from and make new friends.  We encourage students to work together and use your new language skills with each other.

We offer events to encourage intercultural learning and experiences; however, we are not a dating service and discourage use of our school and events being used to that end. Our expectation is that students interact respectfully and contribute to a healthy learning community.



We offer a discount for student referrals.  If you refer a new student to Blue House Okinawa, and they sign up and pay tuition for a course, you will receive a ¥2,700 discount on your tuition for the same month the newly referred student signed up.

*1 discount allowed per month.



The only thing we offer is a Letter of Verification.

This will show dates of attendance and receipts of payment.



Questions about student progress, assignments, tests, project timelines, and other class related information, should be directed to the teacher responsible for the class either in person or through your Facebook Group Chat.

Questions regarding vacations, tuition, payments and future courses should be directed to Blue House Okinawa Facebook Page.