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What Our Students Say

I remember my first class at Blue House! I was brand new to Okinawa and the Japanese language. I was able to have basic exchanges, and it made me so happy to practice with native speakers and have such a fun community to learn in. I’m two years into studying now and am so glad I found Blue House from the beginning — it introduced me to some of my favorite people in Okinawa and is such a special place ❤️
Review from Sara
Intermediate Student
I had spent about 8 months using online based methods to learn Japanese. Blue House gave me the opportunity to learn Japanese face-to-face with native Japanese speakers. The language exchanges forced me to step outside of my shell and speak among our Japanese peers, which was exactly what I needed to do to gain confidence to apply my classroom learning to the real world. Most importantly, it has been an incredibly fun experience to learn Japanese while helping others to learn English!
Review from Tom
Pre-Intermediate Student
I love Blue House. It works with my busy schedule and is extremely flexible. My favorite aspect is that you are learning Japanese and practicing alongside students who are attempting to learn English.
Renie Review
Beginner Student
We are leaving island soon and Blue House was really the best part of my Okinawa experience. It’s worth every penny.
Review from Janice
Former Student