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Our Approach

Blended Learning

Speaking Practice

Move at
Your Pace

Relaxed Atmosphere

Instead of a traditional school environment where students passively receive information in the classroom and then practice at home, we take a Blended Learning approach to flip the classroom.  This means we learn fundamental concepts outside of class (via books and online content) so that we can focus on speaking, listening, and active interaction in the classroom.

We often hear from students who have previously studied foreign language that, despite years of study, they still don’t feel confident in their speaking ability.  This is why we emphasize speaking, listening, and practical use of the language.

We teach both English and Japanese classes, so there are endless opportunities to practice with native speakers.  We try to schedule English and Japanese classes at the same time(s) so you can practice with native speakers during class.  We also offer two language exchanges each week outside of class, where we aim to balance structured practice with open conversation.

And of course, you will learn about Japanese culture and share some of your own as you make friends with the Japanese students studying English at Blue House.

English and Japanese language students studying during a Language Exchange Event

English and Japanese language students studying together during a language exchange event at Blue House Okinawa

Already studying Japanese?

Fantastic!  We’ll work with you to pick the best class for your skill level.  No need to wait for a new class to start — students can join and switch classes anytime.

Just starting out?

You want to move quickly and can’t get enough?  Great, we’ll keep you engaged with challenging content!  You want to take your time and master the content before leveling-up?  That’s perfectly fine too!  Students with both mindsets excel at Blue House.  While some have moved rapidly from Beginner to Intermediate levels, many also choose to re-take classes to solidify their understanding.  We encourage this!  So relax and don’t stress — learning Japanese should be fun, after all 🙂

When you walk into Blue House for the first time, you’ll feel right at home.  The Blue House community, both English and Japanese students, is friendly, supportive, and relaxed.  Our classes are small and low stress — the focus is not about grades or competition.  Rather, we’re all here to learn, and want to have fun while doing it.

A group of Japanese and English language students practicing speeches during a language exchange event