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Learn Japanese in a practical way!

Our Language Exchange program will let you be able to learn Japanese and practice right away with local Japanese.

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Our Curriculum

We believe immersive learning, while difficult, is the most productive and useful way to learn a language; however, many students drop out of immersive programs because it is an overwhelming process initially.

For that reason, we no longer offer immersive classes for beginners’ level.

To accommodate students’ schedules and learning styles, as many of the students at Blue House Okinawa have full time work, college, etc., we’ve chosen to use a curriculum that is thorough, slow, and truly begins from ZERO.

*Full Course*
140,800 yen
*Monthly Payment*
35,200 yen (for one month)

Registration Fee5,400 yen

Course Materials Fee6,500 yen

LessonsTwice a week (180 minutes total) with additional 2 hours of Language Exchange a week

Period16 weeks


・Morning Course 
Monday, Sep 30th ’19 – Wednesday, Jan 29th, ’20
Mondays & Wednesdays

・Evening Course 
Tuesday, October 29th – Thursday, February 27th, ’20
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Our Textbook: Japanese from Zero

Many other popular textbooks are written by native Japanese speakers.

Japanese from Zero, our textbook is unique, as it is geared towards English-speaking learners and based on the experience of a native English speaker learning and flourishing in Japanese.

The added support provided through this curriculum and resources has led to increased longevity in pursuing Japanese language skills.

Classes are truly 100% self teachable if our resources are used.

This is particularly helpful for keeping up despite a TDY, vacation, etc.

Blue House Okinawa provides the learning opportunities, guidance, and language exchanges to reinforce, encourage, and grow learners’ abilities!

Japanese From Zero! is an innovative and integrated approach to learning Japanese developed by professional Japanese interpreter George Trombley.

The lessons and techniques used in this series have been taught successfully for over ten years in classrooms throughout the world.

Using up-to-date and easy-to-grasp grammar, Japanese From Zero! is the perfect course for current students of Japanese as well as absolute beginners.

In Book 1 of the Japanese From Zero! series, readers are taught new grammar concepts, over 800 new words and expressions, and also learn the hiragana writing system.

Features of Book 1:

* Integrated Workbook with Answer Key
* Over 800 New Words and Expressions
* Learn to Read and Write Hiragana
* Easy-to-Understand Example Dialogues
* Culture Points about Japan
* Bilingual Glossaries with Kana and Romaji

…and much more!

Wanna see inside? Here!

Japanese From Zero! textbooks have chapter-by-chapter video supplements on YouTube, making both pre-study and review easily accessible as you move at your desired pace.

Here is a great Japanese introduction video from the author of Japanese from Zero textbook, George Trombley.

Study on-the-go!

Our Flashcards app, Quizlet is the world’s largest students and teachers online community.

Quizlet is used by more than 50 millions students and teachers each month on PCs, pads and phones.

Blue House Okinawa teachers work to provide vocabulary that’s relevant to your stage of learning and prepare work by compiling vocabulary in an easy-to-use resource.

Quizlet allows students to learn in multiple ways, including flashcards, matching games, fill-in-the-blanks, audio loops, etc.

Language Exchange

As we also have English classes in the house, we’re so fortunate to have this wonderful program, Language Exchange as part or our curriculum.

In our Japanese classes, we practice Japanese conversations with native Japanese speaker, the real Japanese people from the English classes.

This Language Exchange program will let you be able to learn Japanese in a practical way and practice what you have learned right away!

You will to meet some of our Japanese local friends through our Language Exchange and make real connections with them to learn the Japanese culture and deepen your intercultural understanding.

How to study with Japanese from Zero

This is how our students study at Blue House Okinawa

→ Study chapter vocabulary on Quizlet

→ Isolate the words you have most difficulty with and discard words you already know from the study stack

→ Continually narrow down and review challenging flashcards in Quizlet until you’re at zero flashcards

→ Use the Spell option on Quizlet to make sure you’re spelling AND pronouncing words correctly.

→ Take tests on Quizlet once you’re ready

Submit your score pictures of Quizlet tests on Facebook Group

*To help us keep records organized, please submit your work with your name included, as well as identify the study set you’re using.

→ Preview George san’s corresponding YouTube lecture

→ Complete textbook lesson activities.

→ Highlight any questions with which you had difficulty.

Check your answers: answers are on the backside of textbook

→ Review George san’s YouTube lecture to further solidify concepts

→ Review any lesson activities that were previously difficult to confirm clarity.

Write down any remaining questions you have to review with your teacher

→ Attempt to use your new phrases and vocabulary throughout the week and during language exchanges.

Come to class ready to put your new knowledge recall to the test and work through any remaining confusion with your teacher

Repeat flow for next chapter

→ Review previous concepts and vocabulary intermittently.

Learning success!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Most frequent questions and answers

You can always re-take the class!

We actually recommend students to move to next course ONLY when they are able to comfortably use what they’ve learned in the class.

We practice more together!
We grow more together!

You can study with our materials online when you have to miss your class!

Don’t forget to check each week’s assignment on Facebook Group to keep catching up the class.

Come and join our Language Exchange on Thursday evening from 7pm-9pm.

You get to practice with native local Japanese more!

Find your study buddy on our Facebook Group!

Native local Japanese students are always looking for study buddies too!

Use your Japanese on our Facebook Group! That encourage other students to use their targeting language too!

And of course, come and join our Language Exchange and events!

Let us know on Facebook Group and we’ll get back to you!

How to Start

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We’ll send you the information of your orientation via email after the payment.

Please let us know when you’ll attend the orientation.

You will pick up the course materials at the orientation. Pre-study and get ready for the class!

We’re so excited to have you in the class!

Oh, remember that street parking is not allowed at the house. Please park your car by the seawall 🙂

Blue House Okinawa Japanese School

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Having questions?
please visit our FAQ & School Policies page