Japanese Calligraphy Experience


We had a Japanese Calligraphy Experience session with local Japanese students.

習字体験1。Calligraphy experience 1
習字体験2。Calligraphy experience 2
みんなで習字!Calligraphy together!


Our local Japanese students came up with suggestion of Kanjis for foreign students’ name. Turned out, Logan found Kanjis for himself with “老眼” which means old eyes😆

習字で綺麗な字。The best way to learn Kanjis.
はじめての習字。The first calligraphy!
けっこう難しい書道。Calligraphy is a bit difficult.

It’s was fun to have the session with our local Japanese friends 🙂
We’d love to do it again!

当て字で名前。Writing your name in kanjis.
日本文化に触れる。Japanese culture experience.
習字体験。Calligraphy experience.