How to Send

Friend Requests!

Now, let's browse the members' profile pages and send friend requests.


1. Click on "Menu".

Search "Blue House Okinawa" and open it on web.

2. Click on "Living Room".

3. Click on Members.

4. On the member cards, you can:
① Send a friend request
② Send a direct message

But now, let's click on icon and look at the member's profile page.

5. On the member's profile page,
you can see their post and their profile.

6. Let's look at the About me, Skills and Portfolio sections.

7. Find him/her interesting?

Let's send a direct message first and introduce yourself first.

Click on Message.

8. Write about:
you name,
where you're from,

why you're learning Japanese,
what are your goals of learning Japanese,

what kind of help can you offer,
like English conversation practice,
pronunciation practice,

And send it by clicking "send" button.

9. Close the message by clicking the cross.

10. Go back to Members and keep looking for your new friends 🙂

When Click on "Add Friend"

It'll change it to "Cancel Request" on member's card, and it means it's waiting for the member to accept your friend request.

When you become friends

It'll change it to "Unfriend" on member's card, and it means that you and the member are now friend.