How to Make Friends

with Japanese People!

What do you look at first when you see other members profile page for the first time?

Probably their names and pictures, right?

You might be hesitant to accept friend requests or reply less to messages from strangers with names that you don't know and without profile pictures.

A profile pictures is your face that people see first.

So let's set up your profile picture and make other members easier to accept your friend request and reply to your messages 🙂

Profile Pictures

1. Click on "Menu".

Search "Blue House Okinawa" and open it on web.

2. Click on "Living Room".

3. Click on Setting under Living Room.

4. Click on the green icon.

5. Scroll down and click on SELECT YOUR FILE.

6. Choose your profile picture.

7. Crop your image and click on Crop Image.

8. Make sure you see "Your new profile photo was uploaded successfully".

Cover Picture

1. Scroll up and click on the pink icon.

2. Scroll down and click on "SELECT YOUR FILE".

3. Choose your cover picture and resize it as needed.

4. Make sure you see "Your new cover image was uploaded successfully.

5. Scroll up and click on the yellow icon.

6. Check your profile picture and cover picture on your profile page then finish!