"Is my Japanese ok?"

How to Ask a Japanese Question.

You might have a moment wondering,

"Is this right to say it?"
"How would I say that?"

And give up on posting or replying because you don't want be rude or you don't want to write something that you're not sure.

But you can always ask Japanese friends about Japanese!

Ask them to check your Japanese,
Ask them what's the better way to say it!

Please teach me Japanese.

1. Click on "Menu".

Search "Blue House Okinawa" and open it on web.

2. Click on "Living Room".

3. Click on Ask Questions about Japanese.

3. In the group, you can post a Japanese question.

"Please check
my Japanese"
= わたしの にほんごを
チェック してください。

"Please teach me a better way
/right way to say."
= もっと、よいひょうげん、
ただしい ひょうげんを おしえてください。

You can use phrases above and ask for help.

4. Click on post and post your question!

Please join "English Help Wanted" group and help Japanese people learn English too!

If you can answer the question in both Japanese and English that would be great but answer only in English is also very helpful to other Japanese members.

Your small help means a lot to your Japanese friends 🙂