Japanese Classes

Beginner 1

To start, you will learn pronunciation, counting, and lots of useful phrases and greetings.  Next, we move on to sentence structure while creating basic sentences using colors, adjectives, question words, and talking about what you like/dislike.  You’ll learn a lot of vocabulary and will be able to write the first half of the Japanese Hiragana alphabet.  (2 Months | Japanese From Zero! 1)

Beginner 2

You will learn how to talk about what you want/don’t want, locations, dates (days, months, years), and time.  In addition, we’ll practice asking for things, counting objects (a big topic in Japanese!), and using verbs as we learn about conjugation and the past tense.  Of course, you will learn a bunch of vocabulary and will be able to write the entire Japanese language in Hiragana by the end of the course. (2 Months | Japanese From Zero! 1)

Beginner 3

Learn how to use two very important verbs (ある, いる), talk about specific objects and their locations, count living things, and gain confidence with particles and other useful grammar.  You’ll master the first half of the Katakana alphabet and learn new vocabulary in the process.  (2 Months | Japanese From Zero! 2)

Beginner 4

Learn about the Japanese family structure, adjectives, informal verb forms/conjugations, connecting sentences, and more key grammar concepts.  Of note, you’ll learn the very important verb する and how to use it with your growing vocabulary to form a ton of new verbs.  After you complete the course, you will be able to write the entire Katakana alphabet and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve learned in only 8 months!  (2 Months | Japanese From Zero! 2)

Pre-Intermediate 1

Practice talking about your family and relatives, hobbies, nature, seasons, weather, and your town while you learn related vocabulary and kanji.  In addition, you will learn and practice grammar concepts including ている form, normalizing verbs/adjectives, describing when actions take place using とき, changes in states using なる (become), and connecting adjectives/verbs to form more complex sentences.  (3 Months | Marugoto A2-1)

Pre-Intermediate 2

Practice communicating to meet up with a friend, plan an evening out on the town, discuss food/meal plans, and share your experiences with language study and culture.  You will do all this while you learn related vocabulary and kanji, and practice grammar concepts including: connecting verbs to form complex sentences, asking if something is okay, going to/wanting to/trying to do something, relative time (before/after), and the various nuances of もう/まだ (already/not yet/still).  (3 Months | Marugoto A2-1)

Pre-Intermediate 3

Practice talking about business trips and an office environment, health and exercise, celebrations, and your feelings while you learn related vocabulary and kanji.  In addition, you will learn and practice grammar concepts including: past experiences (I have been to …), doing too much of something, doing something for the purpose of, new ways to form complex sentences, and expressing your thoughts or what you heard someone say.  (3 Months | Marugoto A2-1)

Intermediate 1

Practice communicating while making new friends, describing people, discussing food, nature, and travel while learning related vocabulary and kanji.  You will also learn and practice grammar concepts that enable you to discuss physical characteristics of people and objects, warn against certain actions, and provide advice or suggestions in different settings (e.g. it would be better if you wore a hat).  (4 Months | Marugoto A2-2)

Intermediate 2

Practice talking about volunteer work, festivals/events, feelings and wishes, and shopping while you learn related vocabulary and kanji.  In addition, you will learn and practice grammar concepts including: potential or uncertain actions (e.g. may be able to, might go with, etc.), and more complex uses of もう and まで.  In addition, you will practice sentence structure to explain the results of actions (e.g. one must do [A] in order for [B]).  (4 Months | Marugoto A2-2)

Intermediate 3

Practice communicating about history, culture, the environment, life events, memories and feelings.  You will do all this while you learn related vocabulary and kanji, and practice grammar concepts including: speaking of past events that affect the present, advanced explanations (e.g. try to do/try not to do), the evolution of things (e.g. I am too big/old for …), uncertain past events, and further conditional instructions and explanations.   (4 Months | Marugoto A2-2)

Overview of Study Tools

Image showing all four of Blue House Okinawa's Japanese textbooks including Japanese From Zero Books 1-2 and Marugoto A2-1 and A2-2
George Trombley, author of the Japanese From Zero textbooks, recorded YouTube videos to complement the lessons in his book. This is a tool use utilize in our classes.
Marugoto textbooks have an eLearning portal called Minato to complement the lessons in the book. We utilize this tool in our classes.
Blue House Okinawa has created hundreds of vocabulary practice sets using Quizlet
Blue House Okinawa has its own mobile app to consolidate learning materials and facilitate communication between students and staff

Following our blended-learning approach, all classes incorporate a variety of study tools outside of the classroom.  These include textbooks, YouTube videos and/or online learning portals associated with the books, Quizlet flashcards, and our very own Blue House Okinawa Mobile App.  Our app helps to consolidate your learning materials (some linked, others hosted on the app itself), guide/track your course progress, facilitate assignments, and enable communication with your fellow students via direct messaging and group forums.