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-Life at Blue House Okinawa-

Blue House Okinawa

Language School

New Adventure

If you want to make the most of your time on this gorgeous island, there’s no better way than starting with exploring the language.

While anyone can definitely survive here with only English, knowing the language of any country you visit can transform your experience.

Language is a great adventure in itself and opens many more opportunities in terms of friendships, work, networking, shopping, travel, cuisine, etc.

Beyond Learning Language

Blue House Okinawa is a close-knit, unique community for learners of English and Japanese to support each other, share culture, and meet their language goals.

We welcome you not as just a student but as a community member.

If you have an idea, a skill, or a way to help a fellow student, a class, or the school, share it!

A healthy learning environment involves both learning and teaching, and both are rewarding ways to grow.

Learn in a Practical Way

Our goal is to get comfortable operating in Japanese in everyday, practical interactions.

At Blue House Okinawa, we love adventuring together outside of class.
We have students organize hikes, karaoke, kayaking, BBQs, shabushabu nights, snorkeling, overnight trips, grocery store tours, field trips to historic sites, etc.

We’re here to learn, grow, and adventure together, which we think is the best kind of education!

To Blend into Japanese Society

The ability to speak Japanese is not enough on its own to blend into Japanese society. We believe learning about specific behaviors, unspoken rules, and history of the local culture is as important to effective, respectful interactions as learning the words and phrases themselves.

Many native English speakers are coming from cultures that greatly contrast that of Japan’s, Blue House Okinawa provides ample opportunity to learn about the values, history, and influences in Japanese society.
Adopting a fresh mind-set and understanding perspectives within the Japanese culture is as equally as important as language to successful communication.

Our Language Exchange

On the practical side of language-learning, Blue House Okinawa offers engaging language exchange with native speakers. Language exchanges are a great place to practice what you’ve been learning in class and get those speaking jitters out, so you’re confident and ready to go in daily Japanese-language interactions.  

This exchange is a fantastic way to bridge the gap between classroom learning and communicating in the real world!
This time is mutually beneficial to the Japanese students learning English, as we work together.

Our Unique Curriculum

Many students want to join a particular class that may be part-way through a semester -- that is fine! Time is precious, and there is no need to wait until the class restarts.

Join when you can, study for that week’s lesson, and review past lessons on your own.

Our curriculum is set-up so you can learn all of the material on your own and use the school for practice, clarification, and reinforcement.

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Our Other Classes

Wanna learn Japanese from zero? Then join our Beginners Japanese (1)(2)!
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You already know Hiragana and basic Japanese? Then join our Beginners Japanese (3)(4)!
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Or if you're ready to learn kanjis, then join our Pre-Intermediate Japanese!
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You passed JLPT N5 or ready to learn next level of Japanese? Join our Intermediate Japanese!
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Don't need to learn how to read or write Japanese? Join our conversational Japanese!
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