Yearly Schedule for 2019

Here is the yearly schedule for 2019!

January-February 2019


March-April 2019

*School Off 27/Apr-5/May

May-June 2019

*School Off : 27/Apr-5/May


July-August 2019

*School Off : 26/Aug-1/Sep

September-October 2019

*School Off : 26/Aug-1/Sep



November-December 2019

*School Off : 23/Dec-5/Jan


Our Other Classes

Wanna learn Japanese from zero? Then join our Beginners Japanese 1!
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You already know Hiragana and basic Japanese? Then join our Beginners Japanese 2!
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Or if you're ready to learn kanjis, then join our Pre-Intermediate Japanese!
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You passed JLPT N5 or ready to learn next level of Japanese? Join our Intermediate Japanese!
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Our Unique Curriculum

Many students want to join a particular class that may be part-way through a semester -- that is fine! Time is precious, and there is no need to wait until the class restarts.

Join when you can, study for that week’s lesson, and review past lessons on your own.

Our curriculum is set-up so you can learn all of the material on your own and use the school for practice, clarification, and reinforcement.

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Life at Blue House Okinawa

Blue House Okinawa is a close-knit, unique community for learners of English and Japanese to support each other, share culture, and meet their language goals.

We welcome you not as just a student but as a community member.

If you have an idea, a skill, or a way to help a fellow student, a class, or the school, share it!

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