Why we use PayPal

PayPal is a simple, quick and secure way to pay for your classes. Please read below before paying for any classes to make payement as easy as possible.

How to pay if you already have a PayPal account

For those who used PayPal back in the states PLEASE create a new account or message them you are abroad. PayPal is very tight on security and if you log in from a Japanese IPA they will freeze your account. Many students in the past have had problems with restarting their account.

To unfreeze your account PayPal will need to send a passcode to the number/email linked with your account. If you have changed your number then you will not be able to unfreeze your account without calling PayPal directly.  Creating a new account for all Japanese purchases will help make payments easier.

How to prevent PayPal freezing your account:

Create a new one: Creating a new account from a Japanese IPA will make it so no matter where you are in Japan you will always be able to use PayPal

Send message/Call: If you call/message PayPal directly and tell them you are abroad. They will then sent a confirmation email allowing you to access your previous account in Japan. This may take a couple days to be confirmed.

How to pay if you are new to PayPal

If you do not have a PayPal account it is easy to set one up. When you go to the log in menu, you will have the option to CREATE a new account. If you do not wish to set up an account, PayPal has a GUEST option. Here you can pay without PayPal creating an account.

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