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Study Exchange Curriculum

Everybody loves ours Study Exchange!

The best way to learn Japanese is to immerse yourself in both the language and the culture of Japan.

To maximize this experience, we have this Study Exchange where Japanese learners can meet and interact with locals.

We exchange sessions between our Japanese learners and local Japanese residents who are studying English in the house.

It's a great opportunity for Japanese learners to build relationships with local Japanese and make real connections with them.

In this session, we focus on frequently used daily expressions, and conversational phrases!

Who take this class?

This course is open for everyone who would like to meet locals and practice Japanese.
You can even find your study buddy!

We'll have topic of :
-basic greeting
-basic counting

Let's learn Japanese in a practical way!

Learn in a practical way

In our exchange sessions, you'll learn practical Japanese and practice you've leared.
This is the best way to learn a new language!

You can even ask our local Japanese students (English learners) questions and have fun conversations with them.
Experience real communication in Japanese!

Intercultural Understanding

Through the lessons, you can understand how Japanese people think, feel, and express themselves.
See how local Japanese look at, think of, and feel about Japan.

Our classes offer a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Okinawa and Japan.
You will get to experience Japan from a local perspective.

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