Conversational Japanese Daytime Course

Conversational Class - Daytime Class

Let's have conversations in Japanese!

Who take this class?

Starts in October 2017!

Do you need to speak basic Japanese immediately?

You have some basic Japanese knowledge already but don't have a chance to practice?

Come and join our Japanese conversation class and start conversations in Japanese!

In this class, we'll learn conversation Japanese from zero to beginners level in 9 month.

This class aimed to :

-be able to understand frequently used daily expressions.

-be able to ask and answer questions about personal topics.

-be able to communicate in a simple way and talk about routine tasks requiring simple information.

-be able to describe the background and environment in simple terms.

-be able to understand Japanese culture and its background history.


Class curriculum

Our Daytime Conversation Class consists of 6 lessons a week, including conversation lessons, an understanding Japanese culture lesson, an exchange lesson.

In the conversation lessons, we go over the textbook to deepen knowledge of conversational Japanese and phrases.

In the exchange session, we focus on conversations, frequently used daily expressions, and conversational phrases.

We work with local Japanese who study English in the classroom next to ours.

You can practice what you've just learned immediately, ask them questions, and have fun conversations.

Through the lesson, you can understand  how Japanese people think, feel, and express themselves!

Deepen your Japanese knowledge and enjoy this real Japanese experience!

Online learning center

Our textbook provides great online learning resources.

In the online learning center, you can study new vocabulary, phrases, grammar, and even take check tests on your own.

You can study at home with the online learning center and have even more opportunities to practice Japanese during the class!

Whether in or out of the classroom, you can study Japanese anytime you'd like.

Our textbook

Our textbook, Marugoto was developed for adult learners of Japanese as a foreign language, designed with an emphasis on using Japanese to communicate, and on understanding and respecting other cultures.

Focus on the listening, speaking, conversations for those who need to speak basic Japanese immediately.

Each topic in the textbook contains situations where people from a variety of cultural backgrounds interact in Japanese.

You can experience various aspects of Japanese culture through photographs and illustrations while listening to a number of natural conversations taking place in each situation.

Through 3 levels of textbook, we'll learn Japanese from zero to beginners level in 9 months.

Please refer to the links below for the curriculums of each level of textbook.

Conversation A1:  Contents   Inside

Conversation A2-1:  Contents   Inside

Conversation A2-2:  Contents   Inside

Study support app

To support our students study habits, we use a communication app called "#Slack".

On #Slack, you can ask teachers questions, get answers, talk to your classmates, and share information and learning tips.

You can talk to local Japanese people on chatroom channel on #Slack and practice your Japanese conversation with them too!

When we study together, we have fun! 


Small class size

Our class size is small with a maximum of 8 people, so that we can focus on each student's progress.

Our casual, at-home setting invites you to enjoy learning; you'll easily fit into our "house" and feel welcome!

Meet locals in our house and make real connections with them, so you can be a part of the real Okinawa!

Schedule & Lesson Fee


Conversation Japanese Class - Daytime Class

Starts in October 2017!


It consists of 6 lessons a week includes lessons below.

Tuesdays 9:00am - 10:55am : Conversation Japanese

Tuesdays 11:10am - 12:00pm : Understanding Japanese Culture

Thursdays 9:00am - 10:55am : Conversation Japanese

Thursdays 11:10am - 12:00pm : Exchange Session

Lesson Fee

Registration Fee - 10,800 yen

Teaching Materials - 12,960 yen

Monthly Lesson Fee - 46,656 yen/month

*The registration fee and the teaching material fee will be added to your first payment.

**Important Notice**


Coming from overseas?

Unfortunately, we do NOT support any visa sponsorship but you can always apply for working holiday visa in Japan!

We do NOT provide any accommodation either but you can refer to the link below for the place to stay in Okinawa.

BooKoo Okinawa

Total Okinawa

Air b n b


To find out more, come to visit Blue House Okinawa for an initial consultation!

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