Japanese Class Curriculum

Blue House Okinawa

Japanese Class Curriculum

The best way to learn!

We learn and practice with local Japanese in our exchange program. You can practice what you've learned right away, ask them questions, and have real conversations with them. 

Feel the real Okinawa

Meet locals and make real connections with them. Enjoy the Okinawa/Japanese culture and feel the real Okinawa!


Intercultural Understanding

Through the real Okinawa experience, we learn how Japanese people think, feel and express themselves. Deepen your Japanese Intercultural understanding!

Feel invited and comfortable

Casual, at-home setting invites you to enjoy learning. We help you limit procrastination and maintain your study schedule with us!

Lesson Fee

When you miss a class(es), your unused ticket(s) can be transferred when you purchasing new tickets.

Family Discount

Have another family member(s) to join our class?  Ask for a family discount! We have 10% off family discount!


Our Japanese Classes

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