How to learn Japanese – the smart way!

Welcome to Blue House Okinawa!

Thank you for signing up our class at Blue House Okinawa!

We're excited to have you in our class 🙂

To learn practical Japanese the smart way,  

we ask students pre-study Japanese at home through various apps and websites,

so that class time can be spent on output/speaking.

There are a few systems that we ask students to install and sign up, and apps need to be installed on your phone.

Please follow the instructions and feel free to ask if there are any questions.


The Slack is our main communication app among students and teachers where you can ask questions about the class or while you're studying Japanese at home,

and you can tell us when you'll be late to the class or you won't be able to make it.

We also share the informations of Japanese learning hints and practice conversations in Japanese on Slack.

We strongly recommend to install both on your phone and on your computer.

So that you can send instant messages on your phone and you can self-study on your computer with links and helpful resources we share to help you study at home.

To see what is the slack, please read tutorial before start using.

For the tutorial click here!

To sign up, please click here!

Please check your email account that you gave to us for the invitation to join our team.

To use the app on your phone,

please click here to see the tutorial!

Once you get in the team, please set up your profile with a picture and full of your name so that Blue House Okinawa management team knows who you are.

on #general, there is a pinned item that explains purposes of each channel so please check it and send us message on #general to let us know that you're in!  



Minato is a online Japanese learning center where there are vocabulary lists with sounds and English explanations, grammar explanations, situation movies and writing/speaking quizzes!

To register the center 

please click here! 

and refer to "Use Registration Procedure" under "User Registration".

*The site requires flash player so please allow your browser to use it.

*Please notice that User ID has to be 6 exact alphanumeric characters, not more or not less.

*For beginner Japanese class students and conversation class students, please select "A1" for your level of Japanese section.

Once you set up your account, please log in to the center and register your course.

To register your course, please refer to

"Study Process" here!

 under Japanese Courses.

For beginners class students, please register "Rikai & Katsudo A1-1".

For conversation class students, please register "Katsudo A1-1".

*Make sure you select English version.                                                   

We recommend to bookmark the link so that you can always go back to the center right away!


Study smarter!

More than 95% of students who learn with Quizlet improved their grades.

See how Quizlet’s simple tools can help you learn anything, from beginning algebra, to AP US History, to college level econometrics — and beyond.

Here is the link to install Quizlet: Quizlet

For your class on Quizlet, please follow the link on your class channel on #slack.


Kahoot! is a quiz app that we use in the class.

We test out the knowledge and the skills you've learned with this app in a fun way!

You'll love this fun quiz app!

*for Jr. class students, you DO NOT need to install this app.

Please install the app to your phone so that you can play it in the class!

For i phone please click here!

For Android please click here!

Kana Apps

These are the great apps to memorize Hiragana and Katakana on the go!

It gives you hints to memorize kanas and quiz to see what you've learned so far.

You can play while you're waiting for someone/something, when you have a little free time at work or 5minutes before you go to bed.

Please install both

Hiragana and Katakana apps here!

have troubles? or are you all set?

Please feel free to ask questions about installing our setting up your account!

If you're all set and ready then please let us know through #Slack.

You can simply start direct message to Blue House Okinawa under direct message section 🙂

We're looking forward to seeing you in the class!

Thank you.