Beginners Class for Busy People☆

Beginners Class for Busy People

Let's study Japanese together!

Who take this class?

Are you too busy to study at home? Don't worry!

In this 4 lessons, 2 evenings a week class, we learn, practice, do mini tests, and review together.

You can do everything you need to learn Japanese in one class!

No home study is required.

You can just come and join our class and we'll do everything together 🙂

This class is aimed to

This class is designed for those who know Hiragana, Katakana, basic greetings and the very basic Japanese, and are willing to proceed to the next level.

This class aimed to :

-be able to understand and use daily expressions, very basic phrases.

-be able to introduce yourself and others.

-be able to ask and answer questions about personal details such as place you live, people you know and things you have.


Class curriculum

Our beginners class consists of two lessons an evening, 4 lessons a week.

In the first session, we go over the textbook to deepen Japanese knowledge.

In the second session, we work/pair up with local Japanese who study English at Blue House, and practice what you've learned with them.

So you can ask them questions, understand  how Japanese people think, feel and express themselves!

Through the real experience with real Japanese people, you can learn real Japanese!

Our textbook

Our textbook, Marugoto was developed for adult learners of Japanese as a foreign language, designed with an emphasis on using Japanese to communicate, and on understanding and respecting other cultures.

Focus on the Japanese structures that underline communication, as Japanese script, vocabulary, grammar and sentence patterns.

Each topic in the textbook contains situations where people from a variety of cultural backgrounds interact in Japanese.

You can experience various aspects of Japanese culture through photographs and illustrations while listening to a number of natural conversations taking place in each situation.

This class is

-for people who's willing to learn Japanese culture

-the objective is to study the features of the Japanese Language for communication.

-to be able to systematically study how Japanese is used in real conversations.

Come and learn practical Japanese with us 🙂

Feel welcome and comfortable

Casual, at-home setting invites you to enjoy learning.

We help you limit procrastination and maintain your study schedule!

And you can meet locals in our house and make real connections with them.

Enjoy the Okinawan/Japanese culture and feel the real Okinawa!


Lesson Fee

If you have to miss a lesson,

your unused lesson fees will be transferred to the next month.

This ensures that none of your money goes to waste!

Have another family member(s) wanting to join our class?

Ask for a family discount!

We have a 10% off family discount!

Schedule & Lesson Fee

To find out more, come to visit Blue House Okinawa for the initial consultation!

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